Creative and Beautiful Small Backyard Design Ideas

Small backyards can be beautifully designed and made to look stunning just like the big backyards but in its own way.


You needn’t restrict your ideas of having a family dinner in the backyard, or lay down leisurely while you enjoy the cool breeze, or enjoy the serenity of the garden space or just drench in the pool, you can design your backyard according to your likes even if the space is small and make it look stunningly beautiful. Listed below are some of the beautiful backyard ideas that you can implement at home to enjoy the luxury of outdoor at the backyard space available.

wooden lounge

Colorful seating area:

This is a relatively small backyard where it is neatly grazed and rounded sofa is placed with ample cushions placed in it. The cushions are in various colors creating a rainbow effect in your garden backyard with limited plants and trees where you can casually be seated and have fun with your family.

colorful cushions

Stone fire pit and seating area:

This is a stone fire pit seating area where the rustic flooring and stone benches with cushion seating and throw cushions create are beautiful sitting space. You can also place a television attached to the wall where a casual evening watching movie with family and friends in your backyard will be so much fun.

fire pit

Modern sand box in the backyard:

You can design a backyard for your kids where they can have fun and will love it by constructing a modern sand box with black board and wooden wall to hang their toys.

kids backyard

Mini bar in the back lounge:

Make your back yard as a mini bar lounge where you can set up a bar counter and stone benches with cushions and throw pillows with simple pillar and roofing attached to the house. The graveled pathway adds beauty and charm to the place.

mini bar

Modern backyard with Jacuzzi and shower:

This is a modern backyard with a Jacuzzi tub and shower room along with bath beds placed in the center. The area is beautifully designed with plants and tiles are designed in diamond shapes.

shower in bckyard

Backyard with swimming pool:

This backyard is designed with a swimming pool and trees and lined along the -sides’ of the walls with colors flowers adorning it like a border. This beautiful pool is enough to make any of the backyards look neat and beautiful if maintained in good condition.

swimming pool

Sitting area:

This backyard is neatly tiled and bordered with trees and plants with few chairs placed in the tiled area for casual sitting.

tiled flooring

Dining in the backyard:

This backyard is designed with a table and chairs and neatly planted trees in the border and waterfall at the corner that adds beauty to it.


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