DIY Home Crafts With Simple Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery hoops are simple wooden rings that you get in all crafts store and they hold the cloth tightly gripped when clasped between the rings and you can make beautiful crafts with these simple hoops. Simple wooden hoops can help in creating lot of useful crafts that will result in beautiful handiwork.

staircase decor

Canopy for your little princess bed:

Are you planning to surprise your little princess? You can take a netted material and embroidery hoop and create this canopy for her bed that will turn the bedroom instantly beautiful.


Craft holder pouch:

This is a craft holder pouch where all you need is just two-piece of cloth one in full circle and other in half semi circle to form a pouch. You can fasten the cloth one over the other as shown in the picture to form a stationery pouch for your crafts needs.

craft holder

Display photos:

If you have photo printed tee shirts at home that have gone old but you haven’t got the heart to throw them away, you can beautifully display them in these embroidery hoops and hang them to the walls and showcase it.

display photos

Memo board:

How about a memo board as cute as this with small clips and ropes running between the rings where you can clip the stickies and store reminders.

memo board

Pin cushion:

Make small pillows and fasten them between these embroidery hoops and make use of them as pin cushions for your craft needs, where you can pierce needles or stationery pins in it.

pin cushion

Ribbon chandelier:

A ribbon chandelier is easy to make, as all you need is just embroidery hoops and colorful ribbons to make a chandelier. Just tie the ribbons to the hoops and suspend the hoop from the ceiling and it will look very beautiful and colorful.

ribbon chandelier


Storage bag:

Take a pillow cover and attach top of the pillow cover to the rim of the hoop and now your storage bag is ready for use where you can store light weight items in it and hang it near the doors for mail purpose, or on the walls or near work table for storing craft items.

storage bag

Table number display:

This is a table number display idea where you can print table numbers on thin fabric and attach them to the hoops and place them on the tables for display.

table number display

Thread organizer:

Look at this thread organizer with sticks attached in between two rims where you can insert the thread bundles into the sticks and organize them neatly.

thread organizer

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