DIY Marbled Nail Polish Craft

DIY Marbled Nail Polish Craft

Using nail polish as a craft material may sound weird and unusual but yes you can create beautiful crafts with nail polish and give marble effects to the material that you use to give it a coat.gem-bookmark-gem-foam-paperclip

Source: inspire-create

Bottle cap magnets:

You can create beautiful bottle cap magnets that you can use to stick memos and reminders. These tiny rounded objects are very easy to create as all you need is a magnet, bottle cap, nail polish and some glue or double side sticker. Coat the cap with single base color and then add dots on top of it with another color once the base coat dries.

bottle cap magnets


Confetti tumblers:

Make use of glass tumblers to create confetti tumblers and all you need is some nail color to create marbled effects on the tumblers by adding colorful dots. Once it dries you are done with confetti at work.

confetti tumblerssource:radical possibility

Colored shoe sole:

You can paint your high heel in bright color nail polishes and give them a trendy look but before you do that, give a base coat with white color and then proceed to coat in bright colors to make it look beautiful and unique.

diy shoe


Hanging planter marbled effect:

You can give a new look to the ceramic hanging planters by giving it a marbled effect with nail polishes. Mix it with some water and run over the planters. You can click the image for detailed procedure.

hanging plantersource:ohjoy

Marble glassware:

This is a marbled glassware effect where you can create the marbled effect to just the base of the glass tumblers and let it dry before you can use them.

marble glasswaresource:honestlywtf

Marbled eggs:

You can gifts these marbled eggs to your friends on Easter or even on Christmas as they look beautiful and you can place them in a basket and wrap it in transparent wrappers and give it away as a gift.


Color coded keys:

You can paint the handle of the keys in different colors and keep a color code so that it becomes easy to organize the keys and will prevent clutter too.



Painted shell accessories:

You can attach pin to the shells and make use of them like hair clips and hairbands and all you need to do is paint the shells with nail color to make it look bright and attractive.


Phone charger:

To make your charger look unique and to prevent it from getting lost or stolen you can paint it with nail colors to make it look unique.

phone charger


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