DIY Wine Bottle Crafts To Adorn Homes

How many wine bottles are stacked into the bin every time after use? you can recycle them into beautiful crafts after reading this blog as there are various crafts where you can display these wine bottles into lovely showpieces.

wine bottle lanterns

Wine bottles and tall shiny bottles that are easy to handle and looks great when display and you can best utilize them for craft activity.

beer clock

Bottle with wordings:

Paint the bottle in beautiful colors and then with black paint like black board and you can write wordings, quotes, and best notes and keep it for display on shelves and tables.

bottle with wordings

Christmas table décor:

This is a beautiful table décor where you can decorate the wine bottles with scarf and cap with woolen material as you can sew them out of old scarf or sweaters material. It will look cute for this winter season.

christmas table decor

Wine bottles with jelly beads:

Fill the bottle with half water and few water jelly beads, which will make it look very pretty and then you can make a citronella candle further adorn it. These wine bottles will make a lovely candelabra and lovely stands for candles.

citronela candle holders

Glitter dust wine bottles:

Spray paint the wine bottle in bright gold paint and then you can brush some glue on top of it and dust some gold over it and make it glitter beautifully well in shiny wonder. You can top it with flowers, fern leaves or any faux flowers too.

glitter dipped vases

Halloween wine bottle décor:

Paint the bottles in funky scary Halloween themed ghost images or you can stick some stickers on top of the bottles, you can you can fill the bottle with fairy lights and place them in dark rooms to create spooky looks.

halloween craft

This is another Halloween craft where you can spray paint the wine bottles in bright colors and paint eyes and teeth like jack-o-lantern and place these bottles on candle stands as show pieces on tables.

halloween crafts

Lace covered bottles:

Cover the wine bottle with glue and tightly wrap the bottle with twine and let it air dry before you can wrap an upper layer or lace over it to make it look decorative and pretty.

lace covered bottles

Diy painted vases:

Just pour the paint over the glass bottle and roll the bottle slowly and steadily in such a way that it gets coated fully in paint and let it dry before you can use it as a vase.

painted flower vased

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