Fun With Yarn Crafts Ideas

There are various craft ideas you can do with yarn and it is one of the most enjoyable pass time activity for most of us to do crochet work, and with all those left over bits bundled up you can create these beautiful craft that will adorn your home.

colorful crochet wall decor

Prevent charger getting lost by knitting with colors:

There is always this problem of charger getting misplaced, lost or stolen where we often search for our charger among many similar chargers like ours. Now you can prevent this problem by knitting your charger with yarn into beautiful colors like a cover for the wire that will distinguish and look adorable.

charger decor

DIY yarn balls:

This is a cute diy yarn ball idea where you can dip the yarn in white glue and wrap the yarn around the balloon and let it dry to become stiff before you can burst the balloon. These yarn balls can be kept in bowls for display on tables, which will look, colorful and beautiful.

diy yarn balls

Also, you can make small such balls in egg shapes and make them like a garland and adorn the windows and walls of your home. This will look unique and is fun to make.

window decor

Pom pom garland:

pom pom are easy to make and you can just bundle them up and tie it together and later cut the top edges to give a fluffy look. Join these in long threads and with a lace border and create a beautiful garland.

pom poms

pom pom garland

Yarn wrapped wall décor:

This is a yarn wrapped wall décor and all you need is just a cardboard and colorful yarn. Cut the words or shapes that you would like to design and then wrap it with yarn before you can hang them to the walls.

wall decor


Window hangers:

Just take a wire frame and form into desired shapes and you can wrap it with yarn and it is one of the most interesting activities that kids can do during holidays or during craft activity time.

window hangers

Yarn teepee:

Collect branches from the backyard and tie them at the top like a teepee and you can wrap them with colorful leftover bits of yarn to give a colorful look. This will create a unique looking teepee for your backyard.

yarn teepee

Yarn wrapped bottles:

Make use of old wine bottles to make flower vases that are wrapped with yarn in different colors. You can further adorn it with laces, buttons flowers etc.

yarn wrapped bottles

Yarn wreath:

Take any ring shaped material and starting wrapping the yarn closely around it and decorate it with flowers and beads and hang it to the door with a ribbon.

yarn wreath

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