Give New Look To Your Home With Wooden Walls

A simple room can be given a new enriched looks with just an addition of a wooden wall. Wooden furnishing has gone a way beyond and a step further to furbish the home with wooden walls in modern looks rather than traditional rustic looks. Listed below are some of the ideas where you can design your home with wooden walls and take them a step higher in modern looks.

artistic wooden wall

stunning wooden panels

Garden lounge wall:

This is a wooden panel wall that is used in the garden where it is used as a partition to separate the tiled area from the rest of the garden, but provides a partial view through the panels.

garden lounge wall

Modern bedroom with rustic wooden wall:

This is a modern bedroom with rustic wooden wall where the headboard section is designed with rustic looks rough finish wooden wall with a wall painting that adorns the wall. The curtains at the sides match the wall so beautifully well.

modern bedroom wooden wall

This is another bedroom wall example where the headboard section is similarly designed with rough finish wooden wall but left plain without any wall décor and it looks good all by its own.

wooden headboard wall

Minimalist toilet design:

This is a minimalist toilet design with smooth finish wooden panel walls with white tiles and toilet fittings. This gives the toilet a very fine finish and makes it look very stylish and modern.

modern wooden wall bathroom

Paneled wooden wall:

This is a paneled wooden wall with details on its surface that gives it a rough finish and though gives a rustic look, the partial section of the wall is wood and the remaining section is painted with normal paint in smooth finish and interiors are modern that gives the entire room a modern finish.

panelled wooden wall

Square panel wood in study room:

This is a square panel wood in study room where the smooth wood finish is paneled in a a way that is passes along all the four sides of the room in just a section and gives a trendy look to the room.

square panel wood in study room

Wood column living room design:

This is a wood column living room design where the wooden wall forms as a sub wall between the main living room and the stair area. The pebbles beneath the wooden panels add details and give it a modern touch.

wood column living room wall

Wooden block construction:

This is a wooden block construction wall where it looks like each wall is protruding outside at its own level and looks very unique. these kind of walls will look beautiful when designed in home office, office rooms or in living rooms.

wooden block textured walls


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