Ideas to Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger

We all love to own big bedrooms but not all of us get one, but still you can make the best out your small bedroom and make it look bigger or at least create an illusion as such. There are various ways by which you can make your bedroom look great despite the small space and restricted ideas but there are still various ways by which you can accomplish this bigger bedroom looks.

3d wall papers

Avoid large beds:

It’s a basic rule where you should avoid making use of large king size beds this will occupy most space and will make the bedroom look small. To get some extra space make use of small or medium sized beds.small_attic_bedroom design

avoid large beds

Clever storage:

If you want your room to have more of empty space looks you can opt for off the floor storage spaces that will give more of floor space.

clever storages

Also instead of having open storage it is a better way to enclose the shelves in a closet storage, this will make the room will neat and more organized. You can also make use of glass doors or mirror doors to make the room look bigger.

closet storage

Glass doors:

If there are partitions in the room you can make use of glass doors which will create a transparent divider by creating a wider look to the room. Hence make use of glass doors and dividers in the room for making it look bigger.small-bedroom- glass wall divider

glass door


Light colored walls:

Light colored walls always make the room look bigger compared to darker shades and you can opt for lighter shades. And the ceiling should be lighter than the side walls to make it appear farther away.

light colored walls

Minimal furniture:

Another thumb rule in designing the small bedrooms is that you should make use of minimal furniture to avoid clutter and provide more free space. This will make the room appear bigger and better.minimal furniture in bedroom

minimal furniture

Make use of mirrors:

Make use of large mirrors in the bedroom this will give an illusion of room appearing larger and will also make the room look brighter when place opposite to the source of light like windows, as these mirrors will reflect light and will make the room brighter. You can implement the mirrors in any forms like closets doors, floor length mirrors, in furniture etc. this is a mirrored closet that makes them room look very beautiful.



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