Introduce Vintage Dessert Bars at Modern Weddings

Who said modern weddings should be all contemporary in style and arrangement? You can go vintage too to bring on the traditional style in your wedding.

wine barrel table

If not all factors are vintage you can just blend one or two elements that are vintage and make the weddings look completely unique and admirable. One of the factors where vintage will go perfectly well is a dessert bar where you can introduce various rustic factors into modern sector and yet make yet look pretty good.

old drawer

Old cart with sweets:

This is an old cart with desserts and sweets arranged neatly in it and you can also place blackboards with names on it. These kinds of carts will look good especially in an outdoor wedding where you have a large lawn or a pathway where this can be placed.


Wooden ladder:

This is a wooden ladder which is refurbished and is beautifully painted and is used to place the desserts. The wooden planks are placed on the steps of the ladder and you can use these steps to place the cup cakes or other desserts.


Old dresser as dessert table:

This is an old dresser that is used as a dessert table where the mirror is removed and a large wedding cake is placed over there. The drawers can be used to adorn the dresser with some bead strings and other jewelry.

old dresser

Old rustic table:

This is an old rustic table where the wooden discs are used as cake stands and plates. This rustic décor gives a very attractive look to the table along with the green leaves that are spread over the table.

rustic table

Old sewing machine:

This is an old sewing machine that is used as a dessert table where the cake placed on the table is also designed like a lace model icing over it. Additionally a cloth with tassels is spread over it and a flowery swag adorns the vintage dessert table to make it look even more beautiful.

sewing maching

Old Drawer:

This is an old drawer shelf where glass jars are placed on the shelf and plates and small sweets are arranged in the drawers.


Crate Shelf:

This is a crate shelf where you can stack up the crate shelf and place the glass jars in each of the crates and adorn them with leaves and flowers.

stacked crate

Vintage suitcase:

Just stack the vintage suitcases and you can place the cupcakes over the cake stands placed over it and it will make a beautiful display.

vinatge suitcase

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