Love Corner- Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Guest Books are one of the elements though not a mandatory and a key element in a wedding it holds a special significance and place in the wedding.

spiritual guest book

While you plan for your wedding never miss out the wedding guest book ideas for it is the place where you allow your guests to fill in their thoughts and express their love for you, which you can later cherish on. There are various ways by which you can implement this guest books and this blog is about the unique and interesting ideas that will prompt your guests to write up instead f leaving it blank.

hand painted pallet

Blanket idea:

Look at this beautiful blanket that is spread over the fence and you can leave a permanent marker by the side and prompt your guests to write their love for you and leave their signature and you can use this lovely signature filled blanket for your newly married life.

blanket idea

Canvas wall art:

Among various other wall art for your new home, how about this guest signature wall art? Doesn’t this look unique and beautiful? You can also implement a photo canvas and have it signed and it will look even more beautiful than plain like this one.

canvas guest book

Engagement photo guest book:

Prepare an album with your engagement photos and you can leave some empty space in between fr your guests to fill in words and sign their love for you.

engagement album book

Globe for travelers:

If you are fond of traveling and wondering to visit for your honeymoon let your guest suggest you places by signing their names on the places on the globe and it will be fun to see who suggested which place and why.

globe guest book

Message in a bottle:

Prompt your guest to write messages in the scroll kept near the bottle and let them write, roll it and drop it inside the bottle so that you can read it later on, this message can be anything from advice, wishes, message to be read after a year and so on.

message in a bottle

Polaroid guest book:

This is one of my favorite where you can click pictures on the wedding and get instant pictured from the Polaroid booth and stick them to the guest book album and write messages, this will give them a visual treat to see your photo booth pictures too.

polaroid guest book signboardpolaroid guest book

Postcard message:

Your guests can choose their favorite postcard from the array of postcard arranged on the table and drop their message in the box for the couple to be read after a year.

postcard guestbook






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