Recycle The Old Crates To Useful Storage Crafts

Have you got many crates at home that have been lying without any use for days? Well, not any more! You can make use of them in much effective way by recycling them into useful storage crafts. There are various ideas and they are as simple as you can do it, in cost effective way.

towel storage idea

Book collection box:

This is a beautiful painted book collection box where you can paint the crate into beautiful colors and use them as storage box. This box can be used to store your kids schoolbooks and stationery items like gift wrappers and charts rolls in it.

book collection

Cola crate as spice storage:

This is a cola crate where you can make use of it for storing the spice bottles in the kitchen. Nail then vertically to the wall and you can store the bottles on these crate spaces and it will keep the bottles organized.

coke crate spice rack

Milk crate as library:

This is a milk crate as library shelf, where you can arrange the crates as layers to your desired length and size and tie them with rope and you can store the books on these crates and make use of it like shelves.

crate library

This crate library design can also be used for toy library shelf for storing all of your kids stuffs for display.

toy storage

Jewelry storage:

This is a jewelry storage idea where you can attach few board pins or nails to the crate and then hang the chains neatly on the crate and arrange them on the table or in your wardrobe.

jewelry storage

Use it as a planter:

You can place some sheets or plastic sac in the milk crate and fill it with sand and use the crate as a planter. This will make a cheap cost effective idea as a planter, and will make a broad planter base.


School supplies bin:

Paint the crate and mason jars in even colors and place the mason jars within the crate to make use of it like a bin. The mason jars will make as a convenient storage to place the stationery items and the crate forms as storage to the jars.

school supplies bin

Shoe storage idea:

Paint the crates in beautiful colors and nail them to the walls and you can make use of it like shoe storage rack.

shoe storage idea

Milk crate storage ottoman:

Attach cushions to the plywood and attach tie them to the crates with ribbons as shown in the picture and you can make use of it like storage ottoman for storing your kids toys and footwear.

storage ottoman style

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