Splash Of Paint Home Décor Ideas

Abstract art, colors and painting together make a beautiful home and these days modern art comprises of many abstract paintings that involves just plainly splash of colors. These vivid colors and bright fusion mix gives an artistic touch to the entire room and makes it look bright and vibrant.

oversized abstract art

black dripping watercolor canvas art

Canvas wall art scroll in bedroom:

This is an oversized canvas wall art scroll that is hung behind the bed as a headboard design. The white interiors of the bedroom where the entire room is in white finish and this painting gives a magnetic punch with bright colors pouring in shades of yellow and pink.

abstract canvas painting

Spray painted headboard wall:

This is a modern bedroom with the headboard wall that is spray painted in different shades of pink and blue. This spray painted watercolor look gives the headboard a unique artistic look and makes the bedroom look very modern.

abstract headboard wall

Black abstract splashed painted frame:

This is a very beautiful living room with modern cushion sofa and fur carpet with black glass coffee table. The black glass coffee table is matched with black lampshades and wall art that looks like a blob of paint that is splashed within the frame.

black abstract splash print

Magenta wall art in living room:

This is a living room with wooden beams running along the ceiling and white walls that create the rustic looks with a rustic table that is placed along the wall. This is a classic example of a fusion living room with mixture of both modern and rustic looks and the magenta wall art is matched with the magenta cushion chair.

magenta paint wall art

Modern sitting room with watercolor wall art:

This is a modern sitting room with a reading chair with fur cover and abstract design coffee table by the side, the room is adorned with a watercolor wall art of a world map design on a white canvas material.

modern room with world map painting

Pink wall art in baby room:

It is not necessary that baby room should always be painted with pictures of animals and flowers, but rather this is a modern room with abstract wall art with a pink splash painted design.

pink splash

Victorian splashed dyed sofa:

Splash art can just go anywhere and everywhere to decorate your home and this is a Victorian dyed sofa in splash art design that is rainbow inspired and looks artistic and catchy.

splash dyed victorian sofa

Splash paint shower curtain:

This bathroom is decorated with a splash painted shower curtain design that looks like watercolors that are smudged over the curtain.

watercolor spalsh shower curtain

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