Swimming Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

Everyone loves to take a dip in the fresh waters of the swimming pool but having small backyards isn’t a restriction as you can still have a small version of simple swimming pool. Swimming pools are always so much fun and you can enjoy your lovely moments with your family and cousins as you drench yourself into the cool waters. This will give a beautiful look to the backyard and will make your home look like a dream home.small garden with luxury pool

Fresh dip pool with deck:

This is a fresh dip pool with a deck in the backyard with patio and chairs cushions on the deck. Though one can’t swim freely but can take a fresh dip in the water and be seated on the  bench with pillows placed on it.Swimming Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

small backyard design and swimming pool

Multiple lighting narrow pool:

This is a simple yet stylish backyard with a square pool placed by the side. The multiple lighting and sofas placed along with the grill in the side makes it a beautiful place. the glass walls of the swimming pools makes in a modern choice for a contemporary home.

modern pool

source: homedesignlover

small garden with swimming pool

swimming pool with waterfall:

This is yet another pool with stone walls surrounding it and waterfalls at the corner. The water fall makes it much more attractive and entertaining. Also there are various bulbs placed on the swimming pool wall which makes it look very attractive and beautiful.

swimming pool with water fall

source: sunset

This is another rounded swimming pool with water jets splashing into the pool and gives maximum fun to the one who takes a dip.

water jet pool


Small pool for  small backyardsmall pool for small backyard

Modern pool with slide:

this is a closed backyard with a contemporary designed pool. The swimming pool also has a stone slide where one can have fun sliding into the cool water and enjoy as they swim. Kids will have maximum fun in these kinds of slides.


swimming pool with slide

source: alldoing

Small pool in a tiny garden

mini swimming pool

Swimming pool in the deck styled backyard:

This is a deck styled backyard where the surface is higher than the pool. This is the sunken pool amidst the natural outskirts that will give you a relaxed time while you swim. Just two day beds are placed on the deck to make it look beautiful.



small swimming pool idea

Small Backyard Design with Swimming Pool

Square swimming pool :

This is a elegant square pool where the cemented tile flooring makes the entire place looks neat yet rich. The sides are planted in a perfect row and a simple cushion in wicker style sofa.

square pool

source: homedesignlover

Small and  beautifull swimming poolSwimming Pool for Small Backyard

swimming pool small garden

Traditional pool:

This is a traditional pool amidst the neatly grown grass and trees in a row. Though this is traditional, yet it looks very beautiful.

traditional pool

source: homedesignlover

Twin pool:

This is a twin pool where both adults and kids can enjoy, these kind of twin pools can be designed in houses where there are kids so that they can have their part of share.

twin pool

source: homedesignlover

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