Tips for Small and Organized Kitchen

Small homes always have this problem of having a small kitchen space which will leave you frustrated for wanting more space in the kitchen to prevent the mess and clutter and keep it more organized. This essentially doesn’t mean that only large spacious kitchens will look neat and small versions will look messy, but you can manage a beautiful and much organized kitchen space that will keep all things handy and will allot perfect spacing for each of the things in the kitchen. Listed below are some of the brilliant ideas that can be implemented in small kitchens to manage storage spaces and to keep kitchen area a beautiful mess free space.

cabinet door


Make use of any storage furniture:

Do not hesitate to make use of any type of storage furniture in the kitchen area besides the regular cabinet and shelves, if in case you run out of space. This is a bookshelf that is used for arranging glassware and looks beautiful too.



Crate boxes:

You can make use of crate storage to arrange the cutting board and other essentials like salt and pepper shaker. This will avoid clutter and will keep them in place on the counter top.

crate storage


Fridge storage:

You can beautifully manage even the shelves in the fridge to avoid lack of space. Make use of wicker baskets with names attached to it as you can segregate them accordingly and store extra things in the fridge. This will not only save space but will look neat too.

fridge clutter


Hanging baskets:

This is a beautiful idea where you can save lot of space on the counter top where you can make use of hanging baskets. These hanging baskets can be used to store spices or fresh produces likes fruits and vegetables. This will save space in the counter top.

hanging baskets


Hidden storage:

Make use of hidden storage wherever possible, this will not only save space but will make the place look neat and you can use them only when required. This is a pull over hidden counter top where you can make use of this space for cutting and other small works.


source: stylecaster

Measurement chart on the back of the door:

You can paint the back of the cabinet door like a blackboard and draw a measurement table and nail hooks to it where you can hang measuring cups. This will come handy while using.



Mop holders spice rack:

You can make use of mop holders attached to the walls and hang the spice containers to it instead of mop. This will make use of space on the wall.



Peg board in cabinet doors:

Attach peg board in cabinet doors where you have lesser shelf and this can be used to hang the utensils.



Plastic shoe holder pantry:

Hang a plastic shoe holder to the back of the door or the wall and this can serve as a mini pantry.

plastic shoe holder pantry


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