10 Great Ideas To Decorate Your Modern Bedroom

There are great many ways to decorate your modern bedroom and some of the best ones are listed below. These tips will add charm and grandeur to the bedroom if they are looking dull and boring and with just this little addition a great look is added to your bedroom. These elements may sound simple but yet they will add great value to the décor part and will give a unique beautiful look to the room.

paper lanterns

source: woohome

wall sticker


Patterned wall with letters:

This is a beautiful patterned wall décor in shades of blue and letters are added to the wall to further enhance the look of the room. These letters can be initials of you and your partner and will make a great way to decorate the bedroom wall.

blue pattern

Carpet design:

Carpets usually have this special effect to give a glam look to the room and no matter how dull or boring the room may look with just the addition of the carpet on the floor your room will look neat and beautiful. This is a lovely animal skin carpet that is spread across the floor that gives unique look to the room.

carpet design

source: amara

Fur quilt and colourful cushions:

This is another beautiful bedroom with modern addition of colors and textures, where the cushions are covered in different subtle shades of colors and the quilt is in fur material that is soft to touch and lovely to look at.

fur  and colors

source: amara

Mirror décor:

Another great way to decorate your bedroom is to add mirrors in any forms as it can be in wall frames, furniture, mirror tiles or large floor length or oversized mirrors that will add glam to the room. This picture makes use of a floor length mirror on either sides of the bed and not only adds glam to the bedroom but also makes it appear brighter and bigger.

mirror decor

source: awomensclub

Modern furniture:

Though you have great wall décor and large room, the center of the attraction lies in the furnishing of the room and you can choose any kind of theme for the room like modern, antique, shabby chic, or vintage. This is a modern bedroom with stylish furnishing.

modern furniture

source: amara

Photo décor:

Never leave the walls empty if you have a large bedroom, you can always add some kind of wall décor to further enhance the looks of the room and it can be paintings, canvas art, or any kind of wall art.

photo decor

source: amara

wall frames


Extra furniture:

Besides the essential bed and side table you can also add a cushion sofa, day bed or a coffee table to your bedroom if there is enough space to accommodate these, as they will look rich and bigger.

sofa design

source: ashtonwoods

Vintage décor:

This is a modern bedroom with vintage trunks stacked beside the bed that is used as a side table and looks unique too.

trunk decor

source: woohome



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