Bay Window Seating: The Best Resting Places In The House

A bay window is one of the most likely locations for you to put your seating area in the house. Not only because of the space that it would usually provide you, but also because of the great view that it usually gives anyone who would most likely want to sit by the window. Fortunately for you, this article will give you an idea how to design your own bay window seating area effectively so that it could add to the beauty of the home significantly. Read on and learn more.

First off, you can opt to use a single cot or bench and some throw pillows for added design for this particular seating area. Adding some color to it can definitely work too.




Source: erotasbuildingcorp

In addition, you can also try to place your couch or your whole living room set by the bay window. This will indeed add to the beauty of this space because of the design and view that the window may offer.


Source: megannordindesigns

On the other hand, you can also use a double bench like this particular bay window area because it can also double as your breakfast nook.


Source: freshome

One major goal of the seating area is to make sure that the user would become more comfortable using it. With this goal in mind, you can add some pillows onto one or more of your chairs to do so.


Source: digsdesigncompany

You can also opt to use only one large arm chair and placing it by the bay window. This will definitely be one simple, but unique design that you should consider.


Source: uptonarchitecture

To add privacy, you can also incorporate some curtains onto the window and making your very own safe haven inside the house.


Source: kimballstarr

Here is one way to keep it simple when it comes to seating areas by the bay window. One long line of pouf chairs can provide you with ample seating not to mention an additional storage space just like in this picture.


Source: freeportwoodworking

Speaking of storage, you can use the bay window seating as a secret storage compartment just like this one.


Source: houzz

If you’re looking for a vintage design for your seating area by the window, this picture will show you just how you can do it without difficulty.


Source: fromtherightbank

You can also use your seating area by the window has your workstation. Just look at this design to see how it can be done. You will surely be able to work more productively because of the view that the windows can give you.


Source: deforestarchitects

These are just some of the bay window area designs that you can use for your own home. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with your own house in the future, I am sure that these designs will help you create your very own personal corner as easily as 123.



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