Creative Ways of Decorating the Home with Old Maps

If you want your home décor to be unique and different from all others, why don’t you use something unconventional as part of your decorative plans for the  home? I am talking about your old maps. Yes. This seemingly one dimensional navigation tool can definitely be used as decoration around the house. Here are some of them most common decorative ways for you to utilize your maps effectively.

First, you can go ahead and frame your maps. Maps tend to be naturally good looking wall décor. If this is the route that you are willing to take, I suggest that you frame them first. Here are some examples of framed maps that you can use as wall décor.


Here are some other photos of framed maps that had been used as wall decorations in the past:

You can either use them as wall decorations without having to frame them or not, but I would suggest the latter. It is much more sophisticated to look at if you have world maps and other types of nautical tools framed if possible.


You can hang the framed map in the bedroom too.


In addition to this, you can also go about using maps as wallpaper. If you’re tired of seeing maps as one of your framed artworks in your own bedroom or in any other room in the house, why don’t you use it as your very own wallpaper? It will certainly be a unique way to utilize this otherwise non decorative tool.


If you are not likely to frame your maps, using them as wallpaper can definitely do the trick. It will preserve the beauty of the maps while still serving the second purpose of being a décor in the house.


You can also try to use it as a covering for your dresser drawers and tables as well. Decoupage is one of the best ways for you to recycle your old maps without much difficulty. This will also be good for aesthetics and increase the market value of the house in the long run.


These are just some of the many ways for you to reuse your old maps around the house effectively. You do not have to spend too much on decorations around the house. All you have to do is find some old tools and maps and you will certainly be able to turn them into brand new pieces of decoration that can certainly serve well as conversation starters for your guests and other people that might visit your home.

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