Grass Cloth Covered Living Rooms: The Epitome Of Elegance and Style

If you want to have the best living room design that you can have in your home, this is the best article to read for sure. We will give you all the proper information that you will need to arrange, decorate and beautify your living room according to your own taste using grass cloth as your main material.

The first picture shows off just how creative you can get with grass cloth wall coverings. From the color scheme to the overall sophisticated theme of the furnishings, you will never go wrong with this base.

Infuse-the-living-room-with-some-gray-grass cloth this-fall

If you want something warm and bright for the living room. Using orange as your color base will do the trick. Coupled with vintage designs and furnitures, it will be the most beautiful living room you will surely see.

Innovative-use-of-orange-in-the-living-room grass cloth

If you are fond of simple yet elegant designs for the living room, this next picture is the perfect inspiration for you. The ocean blue color isn’t too shabby either.

Living-room-colors-inspired-by-the-ocean grass cloth

Here is another warm colored living room design you can do with grass cloth wall covering. It certainly reminds me of an old style parlor that you will surely enjoy.


This is a truly beautiful living room that can double as your very own music room. The grass cloth wall cover also adds to the attractive nature of the whole living room design.

Wallcovering-in-light-blue grass cloth-looks-truly-exceptional

Would you like to renovate your own living room? Adding grass cloth for the walls can definitely bring about the change you want to see.

Gorgeous-grass cloth wallcovering-is-an-easy-way-to-transform-the-living-room-instantly

Are you looking for class in the living room? This next picture is the most perfect example that you can use in terms of design. This living room is certainly inviting and cozy at the same time. You will not regret using this design in the living room for sure.

Asian-inspired-living-room-has-a-tranquil-organic-appeal grass cloth

Here is a modern, but elegant living room design with grass cloth walls. If you want to be gender neutral in this design, a gray and white color scheme will surely suffice.


If you have a much more eclectic taste in interior design, this is the perfect design inspiration that you should get. The earth tones definitely complement the bright colors that were used in this particular living room design. In this aspect, you will surely never go wrong with using this particular living room design pattern.

Exciting-eclectic-living-room-grass cloth in-blue-and-yellow


If you want a more professional look for your living room and entertainment area, this is the perfect design that you should get. The earth toned color scheme definitely complements the leather furnishings in the living-room itself. These furnishings give the living room a completely professional look indeed.


These are just some of the many living room color schemes and designs that you can use for yourself and for the family house. It will definitely bring about a certain sense of character in the living room which will definitely be appreciated by anyone who will see and use it in the near future.



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