How To Style An End Table

An end table is the perfect way to spruce up those nooks and corners of your home. Dying to fill up that empty corner by the living room? Always wanted to add a little something to the kitchen or patio or bedroom, but didn’t know what? Well look no further ladies and gents! Because you’ve found the answer to your prayers. Decorating and styling your end table isn’t rocket science, and with a few helpful tips and a great sense of style, you’ll have your end table going from 0 to 100 in less than a minute. Let’s get started!

1. Small


Just like  amdolcevita, we love a cute little modest-sized table. It’s easy, and doesn’t need to much work to get things going. All you need is a couple of colorful books stacked up on top or a couple of baubles to give it that flare and personality every great piece of furniture needs.

2. Rustic


When you’re going for something a little more rustic, don’t forget about organic elements! Aside from the robust, beautiful wood color and material, organic pieces and natural materials such as crystals, colorful stones, as well as colored gems and the like are the perfect accent pieces for your table.

3. Black


There is nothing a vase of beautiful fresh blooms can’t fix. And in this case, it’s exactly what you’ll need to breathe life into this  black end table. Simple, inviting, and clean, as designs should be. With both masculine and feminine tones playing together nicely, it’ll be the perfect addition right next to your couch. Courtesy of  northernberries.

4. Glass


You are going to go head over heels for this  youthful acrylic piece that looks absolutely stunning! Its unique design is fun, playful, and easy to integrate into your space. With a gorgeous floral accent, you’re all set!

5. Round


Having your table in a cute, round design amps up the fun and modernity. Coupled with a built in mini shelving, it’s the perfect thing for your knick knacks and the like. Embellish with beautiful pops of color and some greens to be able to appreciate the full effect. Check this out on  abeautifulmess.

6. Storage


When your end table doubles as a storage unit, you know you’ve found a winner. Check out this convenient and space efficient little hero. Perfect for storing those books and DVDs too!

7. Trendy


lovedailydose shows us how trendy is done. All you need to achieve this effortless, “lived-in”, trendy vibe is through the addition of personal touches, a pretty lamp, the quintessential blooms in a vase, and your favorite books. You’re all set!

8. Narrow


A fun alternative for those end tables is this slender,  narrow end table. Perfect for holding just the stuff you need, and it extends over the couch too. Thank you,  melanieturnerinteriors.

9. Mirrored 


Beautiful mirrors, coupled with gorgeous  golden accents, make for the most luxurious and extravagant end table you have ever set your sights on. Classic while bringing in all that light.

10. White


The best color that’s a guaranteed no-fuss process? White furniture! Boasting a  family-friendly ambiance and clean, crisp feel, it’s the prefect color to cozy up to, right  katejacksondesign? We hope you enjoyed our selection. Good luck, and have fun!

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