Living Room Wall Décor Charms with Mirrors

Living room is the central space in your home that need to be decorated with care where it will look beautiful enchanting and fascinating. Among various décor ideas mirrors are one of the most delicate and mesmerizing home décor idea that will change the entire look of the room. There are various advantages over making use of mirrors as they will make the room look larger, and brighter. Also care need to be taken where the mirror is placed cause placing it in the wrong place can create a whole lot of mess. Usually place the mirrors opposite to the source of light where they can reflect light and make the room appear brighter.

wall of mirrors

source: pearsonlyle

This is a beautiful beehive mirror décor that adorns the wall of the living room. This cluster of mirror décor is hung behind the sofa and no other wall décor is used to adorn the walls.

beehive cluster

source: astucesdefilles

Another unique type of wall décor is something like this where different kind of mirror frames are used to decorate the wall. These beautiful antique frames of different shapes and sizes make a beautiful choice for the wall decoration.

different frames

source: homedecorators

This is another contemporary styled faceted mirror wall décor that makes a marvelous choice for wall décor. The lovely crystal chandelier and the faceted mirror together makes it a beautiful living room décor.

faceted mirror

source: comoorganizalacasa

The golden sun frame along with the rustic gold candelabras make an antique look living room décor idea. The spikes of the frame give a lovely look to the ordinary mirror and makes it look grand.

golden sun

source: homedecorators

Look at these faceted squares of mirrors that are arranged in a neat row with even spacing between them. They look very modern and beautiful and will reflect light in lovely rays in even spacing.

mirror squares

source: alicetrilingdesign

Another way to decorate the living room wall is to decorate the entire wall with mirrors or rather design it with a mirrored tile. This is a beautiful example of mirrored tiles.

mirrored wall

source: firsttimefancy

You can decorate the wall with an oversized mirror and this is a large floor length mirror with thick black frame and these kind of mirrors can be used to give a larger look to the room and make it look brighter and beautiful.


source: homedit

This is another floor length mirror that is placed in the living room, and three similar sized tall mirrors are placed of the floor that looks beautiful.

triple mirror

source: homedit

Look at this beautiful wave pattern mirror that adorns the walls and makes it look beautiful.

similar pattern row

source: messagenote

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