The Best Modern Shower Fixtures

Your bathrooms are just as deserving of those modern fixtures just like your kitchen! A clean and simple design with all the modernity in its design and feel is everything your shower needs. Watch your space transform into your very own paradise! With a variety of designs perfect for your modern fixture needs, with selected the best ones for you to choose from. Take a look!


These sleek shower heads are not only sexy, but they’re stainless steel too. They double as a shelf, so you can add those scented candles and such as you please. How convenient! You can get these fixed in from Ritmonio. This is from their new Bougies collection.


This is the Aquavolo from  Bossini, the wall-mounted stainless steel shower which boasts one of the most futuristic designs to date! It has a horizontal rotating panel that delivers two options for your showering needs: either rainfall or waterfall, imagine that! It might take you a longer time to get out of the shower at this rate.


Another similar concept for the air shower head would be the one designed by  Massimiliano Settimelli, which also provides you with a shower that can give you rainfall, waterfall, or both! Couple this with a whimsical nature-meets-spa shower, and you’re all set!


The Gaia shower head is mounted onto your ceiling, and comes with the coolest LED lights for you to enjoy. Designed by  Paolo Bertarelli, it gives you the magic of rainfall or waterfall too!


A favorite for those who are looking for a feature that boasts a little bit more of the natural material or rustic designs while still managing to look modern. The The Terra Marique created by Rare shows off a minimalist, straight-forward design with all the charm. Who knew would could serve as a shower head too? The steel core and silicone tubes ensure that the wood stays damage free.

sky-shower-by-dornbracht (1)

Brace yourselves, because  Dornbracht has created a shower that allows you to enjoy all that nature has to offer: fog, rainfall, and storm- all with the switch of the digital display! Everything from light to scent is thrown into the mix as well. What are you waiting for? Get the Sensory Sky Tower now!


This modern and ingenious design created by Zucchettikos allows the user to orient the shower head, to change the direction of water flow. The Closer shower head comes with a counterweight that keeps the head steady, alongside an adjustable arm and a great minimalist aesthetic.


For your shower panel needs, you might want to consult  Carlo Colombo about them. His classic and clean designs allow for a celebration in honor of very modern and  contemporary bathrooms.


water and color designed the futuristic-themed shower panel Ametis forthose looking for  more futuristic feel. Its continuous lines and fluid design boast a very modern and sleek feel. This shower is part of Davide Oppizzi’s collection for  GRAFF.


Straight from  Imago Design is the one and only Boma shower panel! Equipped with the style and function perfect for smaller bathrooms, this design promotes more freedom of movement within smaller spaces without having to sacrifice great design and quality. It’s minimal, soft, and full of curves. What more could you want?


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