Tips and Tricks to Make Small Living Room Look Beautiful

Having a small living room at home doesn’t leave you at a disadvantage of making your home look boring but rather you can still make it look interesting and beautiful. There are certain hacks that you need keep in mind to avoid a messy look and bring out the neat and admirable living room attire. Just simple tricks can bring a lot of change and you will see them for yourself, check out the ideas listed below.


This is the most important factor to keep in mind for all small living rooms, for arrangement plays the key role. You just can’t dump or throw away things without proper planning, think and form a layout in mind before you practically lay them out.


source: homedit

Beautiful carpet:

Floor space though is going to be very less you need to take maximum care as there will be all the concentration that falls upon, so you can cover up untidy floors or even the neat tidy ones with a beautiful carpet to make it look attractive.

beautiful carpet

source: homedit

Choice of colors:

Since the place is going to be limited you can’t make it look all messed up with mix of lot of colors, rather just use limited two to three colors maximum to make it look neat. And lighter the colors better the place.

choice of colors

source: bhg


If there are shelves in the hall make sure they are open so that they don’t cover up some space, and also keep in mind to maintain a clean shelf for they will create a tidy impression. This is a large open shelf that occupies a sofa in its space and also looks neat.

large shelves

source: homedit

open shelves

source: dimorestudio

Fresh plants:

Place some fresh plants in your small living room to create some aura of freshness and liveliness in the room as it will look beautiful and lovely.

house plants

source: thedebrief

Small coffee tables:

Instead of using one large coffee table this example makes use of small tables grouped together that also look different and occupies less spaces and can be moved according to convenience too.

small coffee tables

source: happyinteriorblog

Staircase safety wall:

Making use of a staircase in the small living room can often consume the available little space and make it look even more smaller and hence you can design the safety wall in glass to make it look spacious and attractive.

staircase glass wall

source: homedit

Tall windows:

Incorporate tall windows and glass doors in the small rooms so that they will look even better and inviting and also will let in some light and will make the room airy.

tall windows


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