Tips to Give Cozy Look to Large Living Rooms

Large living rooms are lavish and often requires lots of maintenance to make it look good and should be dumped with too many items since there is lot of space available. There are some of us who always feel comfortable in a cozy living space and find it more relaxing and at home. To make you feel relaxed and comfortable you can turn your large living room into a cozier space with some of these following tips.

pebble cushions

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Bold artwork:

When you have a small space or a medium sized living room you couldn’t use much bold artwork or larger frames as they will occupy much attraction and wouldn’t look good in a smaller room, but when you have a large living room you have the freedom to choose any kind of bold artwork and adorn the wall. This will not only make the living room look attractive but will also make it look artistic and give a cozy look to the room.


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Sunken pit:

You can design a sunken pit in a large living room for a cozy sitting space as this will give you the freedom to design a separate sitting area within a large space where you can’t avail this in smaller rooms. This will make the living room look contemporary and will also allow you to enjoy your time with you friends and family in this cozy sitting area separated from the rest of the living room. There are various styles by which you can design your sunken pit with a modern touch, rustic looks, or mix of both. Whatever may be the style the space should be comfortable.

entire sunken pit

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sunken space

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The use of dividers will also give a cozy look and you can use these dividers not only to give cozy look but you can use them as shelves and store things and they can be open or closed dividers.


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This is a divider door pattern that can be opened when not in use or closed when you want to make use of the extra space as a separate room. These movable dividers are easy to use and will create extra space when required.


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Lighting is always essential in any room and in large living rooms you can make use of one bold and attractive center chandelier that will make the room look very beautiful. These kind of chandeliers will add charm to the living rooms and will spread light evenly.


source: homestratosphere


source: homestratosphere

Double height décor:

When you have double height space in the living room make sure you cover the walls with some wall art than to leave them empty and look tall. Instead these wall decors will cover up the double height space and will create a pleasing visual impact to the guests. They can be in form or paintings, murals, or other kinds of wall décor forms too.

modern double height decor

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wall decor

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