Top 10 Interesting Living Room Wall Murals

Enhance the looks of the living room walls with wall murals as they are easy to decorate and you can instantly adorn the walls with these readymade murals and change the entire look and feel of the room. These murals can also be used as theme for the room and they are also available in 3D looks. They are much more intense and so much unique in style and looks that they make the wall décor an interesting and attractive one that you will want to try one at home.


source: blog.styleestate

Fall leaves and trees wall mural:

This is a bright yellow fall leaves and tree wall décor that brings the beauty of crunchy yellow and ravishing beauty of fall décor to your living room. The entire living room is adorned with this brightness of the rich yellow and brown that is matched with the carpet and cushion color.

autumn mural

source: curiousphotos

Floral murals:

Are you a great fan of floral décor but if you are looking for something much more unique and trendy than the usual colourful flowers that adorn the walls you can go for this black beauty. This is a black beauty floral home décor that looks absolutely glamorous and the large flowers on the black background makes it a real standout.

black floral

source: messagenote

This is a regular floral mural in rich and vibrant colors that brings the beauty of the flowers to your home.

floral mural

source: backtothewall

This is a painted mural of simple purple poppies that can make your plain living room turn into something more elegant and beautiful.

indigo poppies

source: brit

City night life:

Look at this night life of the city where the glimmering lights and the roads with radium lights adorn the night of not just the picture but your entire living room. This mural will make your living room look very trendy.

city life mural

source: curiousphotos

Swimming dolphins:

How beautiful are these swimming dolphins that adorn the walls behind the sofa? You can design the walls of your living room with one such mural to bring aqua life to your home that will bring forth the freshness of deep blue sea and playfulness of these lively dolphins.

dolphin mural

source: curiousphotos

Garden mural:

This is a scenic garden mural with the beauty of birds adorning the place and richness of fruits and flowers. You can make this simple yet attractive mural to make the living room a scenic place to live in.

garden mural

source: anthropologie

Green forest:

Look at this lush green forest that runs deep into the woods and if you are a great fan of trekking and these kind of forest trees you can sport a forest theme mural to adorn the walls of your home.

green forest mural

source: curiousphotos


I love islands and mountains rimming the sea as a beautiful border and this is one of my favorite. If aren’t they pleasant to look at?

island mural

source: curiousphotos

Beautifully painted mountain side:

This is a beautifully painted mountainside mural with rich colors and shades that will make the living room look very scenic in view.


source: bloglovin


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