Turning The Attic Into a Living Room: The Best Design Plans

If you want to have an additional place to entertain your guests without having to spend too much money on renovations, why don’t you try using your attic and converted into an additional living room space. It can certainly work for having twice as many people over during family gatherings and the like.

Here are some addict living room designs that you can use to make this particular space in your house pop.

First of all, you should take note of the color scheme that you are going to use for this particular design. It should be bright and colorful at the same time. Just look at this picture. Isn’t it quite inviting?


Secondly, if you’re going for a much simpler design, you can use a lot of wood to conjure up a more rustic feel.


Another way for you to redesign your attic into a living room would be to turn it into an audio visual mecca. You can take this opportunity to place all your audio visual equipment in your attic living room and turn it into a place where you can entertain your friends and other family members.


If you want a more laid back design, using leather sofas and chairs can definitely do the trick. In addition to this, it will even look simpler in terms of aesthetics.


If you don’t have enough space in your attic, we have space-saving solutions that you can use. The key is to make it as compact as possible. Utilize the walls as much as possible and you’ll get everything that you need even if you have limited space.


Here is another inviting attic/living room design. It will fit for a much more dainty taste don’t you agree? Also, if you have limited space this is another design that can work for you.


Here is an eclectic living room-attic that you will definitely appreciate if you have varying tastes in color and texture. You should definitely give this a try if you are adventurous enough in terms of design.


If you’re fond of books, you can also put additional storage units in your attic living room like these ones. The book lover in you will definitely appreciate this particular corner of the attic.

A-beautiful-reading-nook attic-away-from-all-the-noise

For those who would like to have a simple yet elegant style in terms of attic living rooms, here it is. It will have everything that you would need in a living space above your house and much more.



Lastly, here is another smart way to redesign your attic into a much more functional space in the house. You can turn it into a living and game room all in one. It will certainly give you your own personal relaxation corner away from it all.



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