Utilizing Pastel Colors: The Best Way To Use Brightness In Interior Design

If you are fond of using bright colors in every design that you make for the house, working with pastel colors will be right up your alley. This article will focus on giving you some ideas on how to use pastel colors in every part of your house without overdoing it. Hopefully, you will get some ideas on how to do it on your own without much difficulty after reading this article.

First of all, here is a pastel colored living room that can definitely give you what you want in terms of uniqueness and high quality. The bright colors definitely complement the white color base which is what you should be doing in terms of using pastel color schemes.

pastel living room

Source: avenuelifestyle

Secondly, you have to make sure that the pastel colors would not overwhelm anyone who would enter your room. In this respect, the light pastel color scheme of this particular bedroom can definitely give you a relaxing view for sure.

pastel bedroom by window

Source: gzid

These pastel colored chairs will definitely stand out in your kitchen or dining room for years to come. You should try to use it as soon as possible.

pastel living room chairs

Source: frydogdesign

The green wallpaper in this particular living room and sitting area can definitely offset the earth toned floors. The white carpeting also adds beauty to the design.

pastel walls for living room

Source: swad

The mint green and white color scheme of this particular living room can definitely give you a relaxing and subdued living experience in the home.

pastel living room color scheme

Source: ericroseffdesigns

If you would like being more heavenly experience, using light blue in your chairs and tables can then only give you what you want.

light blue pastels


Source: iroka

If you don’t want to be you miss pastel colors in your furniture, you can definitely accessorize with pastel colored pillows and other objects around the house. Just look at this picture. Isn’t it beautiful?

pastel pillows



Source: caitlinwilson

You can also balance the brightness of the pastel colored designs by using shades of black or gray in the house. Just like in this bedroom, I am sure that everyone will enjoy a complete balance of black and bright colors won’t they?

pastel combo for bedroom


Source: nestdesigns

For a kitchen that can stand out among others, using bright colors can definitely do the trick. Just look at this kitchen. Isn’t it quite amazing?

pastel kitchen

Source: blipdesign

Lastly, you don’t have to use pastel colors all over the house if you don’t want to. You can balance it out by using just one pastel colored furniture as a centerpiece in your home. This way, you will not end up overwhelming your guests because of the brightness of your house interior.

pastel sofa

Source: rethinkdesignstudio




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