10 Most Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen is often the most boring places in the house as it is considered to be for its architecture, design, style or maybe you have to cook in it. Whatever may be the reason, when some place looks lavish, modern, interesting and trendy who wouldn’t love to work in such a place? Well, turn your kitchen into one such most wanted kitchen designs and look at the ideas listed below to implement them in your house.

Cozy kitchen

with dining:

This is a not so large kitchen but a moderate sized one with dining attached to it and you can have you loved ones sit and be served as you cook, wont it be interesting than to keep them away in dining area separated in another room?





Love the subway tile.

source: blog.styleestate

This is another cozy kitchen idea where there isn’t much space to add a dining table but still it’s okay, you can design your kitchen with ample ventilation and windows so that its airy and breezy while you cook and is bright with sunshine too.

cozy kitchen

source: buzzfeed

Enormous kitchen with cabinets:

Here come the enormous kitchen types that one would dream of, and would love to have at home, this is a large kitchen with ample space and shiny flooring and sufficient cabinet doors designed for storage facilities.

enormous kitchen with cabinets

source: onekindesign

Kitchen with windows:

As said earlier, small kitchen should always have sufficient ventilations so that air gets circulated and is not sultry, and this kitchen as sufficient windows to make it feel airy and comfortable.

kitchen with ample windows

source: homebunch

You can also make use of these countertops near the windows to grow small potted plants and herbs for your cooking purpose or just for show piece, to make your kitchen look attractive.

30 Stunning Kitchen Designs @styleestate

source: blog.styleestate

Kitchen leading to organic garden:

This is another moderate sized kitchen that is beautifully designed with countertops on both the sides for easy functioning and a large glass door leads to the backyard garden that opens to the organic gardening facility. How cool is this?

leading to organic garden

source: onekindesign

Kitchen with black board:

This kitchen has a large black board painted on one of its walls where you can make use of it while baking your new dish or just to remind you of something, or to write measurements too. This is one of the brilliant ideas that can be implemented while designing kitchens.

with black board

source: onekindesign

island counter:

This kitchen has a marble island counter with stools placed near it where you can sit and have your quick breakfast.

Bright and open. Love the lanterns. Layout it great. Pantry or laundry by the door.

source: blog.styleestate

This island counter has a mini library attached to it so that you can store your cookery books and other relevant books in the kitchen shelf and it will look cool.

with mini library

source: onekindesign

Breakfast nook:

Look at this breakfast nook around the corner where cushions are placed by the window sill and will serve multipurpose and will also serve as a place for relaxation.

New Canaan residence by Charisma Design.

source: blog.styleestate

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