10 Unique Kids Bedroom Ideas

Impressing kids is one of the most challenging and toughest tasks to any parent and you can simply do it with ease with these impressive top unique bedroom design ideas. They are decorative, theme oriented, creative, fun based, colorful and any kid will love the uniqueness in it. When you take extra effort to impress your kid with something that will attract them and where exactly their interest lies your task is almost half done, cause there you have already caught the point what exactly they would like, and you can add your touch of creativity to it to impress and surprise them to give them a exciting quotient.

treehouse bed

source: viralnova

Aqua based theme:
This is a aqua based theme room where the bed is a wrecked boat that looks like a old wooden boat that is half broken and the walls are decorated in beautiful aquatic theme design with plants and large fishes swimming in it. The bright blue color walls make the room look attractive and give a underwater sea feel. The bedspread and cushions are also matched according to the color theme of the wall to match beautifully with the room.

aqua bed room

source: viralnova

Solar system:
Is your child always interested in science, fiction and other sci-fci related things? then you can gift your child with something that will grab his/her interest. Design the room like space attire with solar system settings and planets revolving around the sun and you can use lanterns or balls hanging from the ceiling to look like planets. This will make the room look very creative and attractive. You can also hang wall pictures and frames of astronauts or zombies or something like rockets which your child is much interested in.

astronaut room

source: viralnova

Backyard theme room:
This is a serene backyard theme room where the entire room is painted in beuatiful serene green paint with picture of trees and blue skies and a swing is hung in the center of the room to add more attraction. The bed is designed like a cart and a ladder is placed by the wardrobe shelves to give the typical backyard feel.

backyard theme room

source: viralnova

Fun bedroom with slide:
This is a fun bedroom with animal wall stickers adorning the walls and beautiful clear skies with morning clouds like happy day feel ceiling wallpaper that makes this room an attractive one. The bedroom is overall a fun an enjoyable one that kids will love as it has a slide attached to the bed, and this bunk bed has a bed on the top tier and carpet placed on the lower one where kids can play and have fun.

bed with slide

source: viralnova

Unique bunk bed design:
This is a unique bunk bed design which kids will usually love where there are usually two children cause when sharing is concerned there always arises a problem who gets the best, and these kind of fun bunk beds are always enjoyable for kids to share and have fun. It also has a library attached to its side where they can arrange their favorite books and a sitting area on the side of the bed which makes it look unique.

bunk bed

source: viralnova

Fishing theme room:
This is a fishing theme room with a bright orange octopus occupying majority of the walls of the room and a simple boat like bed that is placed across the room. The octopus is a major attraction that makes this room a likable one which kids will want to have for themselves.

fishing theme

source: homedesignlover

Little colorful reading room:
Look at this colorful little reading room with bright orange window panels and ceiling patterns that make this room look unique, the side walls are attached with shelves where books are neatly arranged and a reading chair is placed near the books. This is one of the most enjoyable rooms for kids where they can have their caretaker or nanny read their favorite books to them.

little colorful reading room

source: viralnova

Piggy theme room:
Look at this piggy theme room where the headboard of the bed is a styled like a piggy sty and a large wine barrel is placed by the side of the room to make use of it like a table, also the walls are decorated like piggy cartoon and artificial trees are attached in the room to give a natural feel to the room. This kind of a piggy style room is something which little ones will enjoy a lot.

piggy theme

source: viralnova

Rustic car:
If you walk into a car shed you can see old rustic cars placed under the shed and this room is based on one such theme and boys will sure love this theme and you can spray paint the bed to look like a rustic car to give old tarnish looks and also place some tires in the room to give natural look.

rustic car

source: viralnova

Sunny playground:
This is a sunny football ground where soft footballs are placed in the room and green grass like carpet is placed on the floor and bright sunshine like lamp is attached to the wall to make it look bright and attractive.

sunny playroom

source: viralnova

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