Amazingly Superb Ladder Shelf Designs to Work with at Home

If you want to have additional storage space in your home, it is important that you are able to think of ways to reinvent some of your old furniture. Using and reusing ladders as one of your decorations can be a good thing, especially if you don’t have enough space in your house. Here are some examples of how you can decorate your house with ladders.

First off, you can deck your ladders with Christmas decor. This is definitely the most colorful side of decorations that you can put around the house.


Secondly, since you are trying to design your ladder to serve as an additional shelving unit in the home, why don’t you put it in the living room and use it to display your pictures and other ornaments that are usually reserved for the mantle in the house.


Additionally, you can also use it as a desk for your bedroom in lieu of a fitting worktable. It will give you the opportunity to utilize the additional steps of the ladder effectively.


You can also use ladders to create balance among color schemes within a designated living space. In this particular picture, you will be able to see how it is done properly. The ladder in this picture definitely creates the contrast that it needs.


Here is a contrasting, but equally complementing set of colors for your living room. The ladder is definitely a great accent as well.


This white ladder definitely adds a functioning storage unit to the living room without difficulty. You should definitely give it a shot in the near future.


In this picture, you can see just how the ladder in the corner definitely works to the advantage of the whole design. It makes it stand out because of a uniquely cool quality of the living room.


You can also place it on either side of your flat screen TV to add storage units effectively without making it seem too obvious. This will definitely enhance the beauty of your home tenfold.


If all else fails, you can add ladder shelves to a plainly rustic living room design. It is definitely something that you should consider doing especially if you have wooden ladders around the house. I am sure that you will not regret doing this as part of your renovation plans sooner or later.


This is why you ought to give ladders a second look when it comes to home furnishings. Yes, you can use it to reach the high ceilings of your home. However, you will also be able to use it for interior design purposes eventually for sure. So if I were you, I will not get rid of them just yet.

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