DIY: Gorgeous Spring Wreath

Flower lovers, rejoice! We’re about to present you with your new fave DIY. That’s right, creating a spring wreath has never been so easy, and we’re here to show you how it’s done. Nothing says Spring better than a beautiful, fresh wreath dotted with colors bursting with vibrancy and elegance. Get those blooms ready, this is going to be fun.


Celebrate the coming of Spring with this delightful, easy yet simple project, that’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Easy on the pocket and quick to do, this project will take about roughly an hour, and it’s worth it once you’ve finished. Beautiful and timeless, let’s begin!


To start, you’re going to need the following materials: a small wreath, some beautiful silk flowers, a sprig or two of some fake greenery, a glue gun, a pair of scissors, and a pair of wire clippers. Of course, feel free to switch up these faux materials with real once if you’re feeling a little whimsical.


Taking your fake greenery, snip off the flowers. While you’re going about greenery prep, heat up your glue gun for a smooth and easy process for when you’re about to set those greens in place. Begin attaching the sprigs of green, leaves, and wisps of stem on your small wreath to see how you want them to look on the wreath.


Arrange the leaves sparingly, weaving around your wreath channeling a gorgeous french-minimalist style. For a more cohesive, traditional design, have it follow one direction: a line around the surface of the wreath.


Now for the tricky bit, gluing them on good. This will be difficult for those thinner wisps and stems, so try your best to get those fingers of yours out of the way. Very carefully glue the tips of each sprig on to the wreath. For the thicker pieces, it’ll be an easier process for you.


Now for everyone’s favorite part: the flowers! Have a grand time decorating your wreath with the silk flowers. After trimming them off their stems, very carefully glue part of the bud, or a small portion of the flower, on to the wreath. You can go over all the bald spots and have a wreath that’s brimming with color, or you can leave patches of space to show off the brown of the wreath. Whether you go all out or you don’t, it’s guaranteed to look phenomenal.


And there you have it! Your labor of love now ready to be displayed all around your cozy home! Add a ribbon or some twine to be able to attach it or hang it up and you’re all set. We hope you enjoyed our little tutorial on how to create this beauty yourself!


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