Eye-catching Modern Loft Designs for the Contemporary Individual

If you would like to have the best when it comes to your own apartment designs, it is important that you are able to come by and contemporary designs with classic additions. This will help you gain more ideas when it comes to renovating your apartment effectively as soon as possible. Here are some tips that you can have about redesigning your apartment into a more contemporary but still socially relevant space.

First of all, here is one true modern space that capitalizes on high ceilings. If you have a small apartment, having high ceilings is important to give it an illusion of spaciousness.

modern loft

Source: trulinea

Secondly, you can also take this opportunity to play with the lighting when designing your very own apartment. The two-story loft apartment that only takes advantage of the proper lighting that it has in the picture.

earth tone loft

Source: pbuilders

If would like to maximize the space above and below your apartment, here is the perfect design plan that you should have. Why not put your living room below and your bedroom and workstation upstairs?

simple loft living room

Source: fourbrotherscarpentry

Here is a mixture of Moroccan and western furnishings that can definitely spell the difference between your own apartment or loft and an ordinary one. You should give it a shot as soon as you can.

leather loft

Source: gabberts

In addition to this, here is the one loft design that you can definitely use if you want to have a more rustic feel. You will never regret using this is especially if you are fond of small cottage designs.

rustic barn loft

Source: texastimberframes

Here is a minimalist design for a loft that you can definitely try out if you are just a beginner in terms of interior design. You will not have to use any additional furniture, just work with what you have.

minimalist loft

Source: studio-e-architecture

This spiral staircase definitely adds character to the loft itself. I would definitely have it installed in my own loft if ever I come to have one.

smaller loft

Source: baandesign

With this particular loft design, what catches the attention is the seemingly asymmetrical design for the staircase. If you want to have a unique and outstanding interior design for the loft, you ought to definitely adopt this particular design.

unconventional loft

Source: gristmillbuilders

In this particular picture, you can see the elegance and simplicity of this particular loft design. You should never underestimate the power of simple designs like these. It brings out the beauty of this space without much effort.

modern wood loft

Source: centurycommunities

As a last option, here is a much more modern loft design that can definitely give you what you want in terms of a futuristic overall design plan. It also gives you something structured and minimal looking that can give you more space for improvements in the future. The lack of color also gives it more room for change in the future.

modern white loft


Source: fablesdemurs




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