Garden Patio Umbrellas: The Ingenious Way to Design the Gardens Effectively

If you are somewhat of an innovator who loves trying out new stuff for your garden, chances are having a little creativity of your own when designing is the key to your success. To achieve this goal, you have to think of unique additions to your garden, like umbrellas.

If you want to create your own unique garden design, but don’t have the slightest idea how to do so, here are certain tips that you can keep in mind to have the most artistic garden in town using umbrellas.

First off is the furnishing. Your garden should reflect your own personality. This is why, this sunny dining room umbrella can work for you. Keep it as simple as possible and everything else will surely follow.



Source: cb2

In addition, do not be afraid to add some more chairs and tables to your garden gazebo. This Tucci umbrella and outdoor living room design will do well for entertaining guests.

Tucci-Restoration-Hardware umbrella

Source: restorationhardware

Do not forget to pick the right colors to match the entirety of the outdoor space. In doing so, you will definitely be able to experiment with the look of your garden umbrella and gazebo  some more.


Source: umbrosa

As another tip, you can choose one specific furniture or accessory to serve as the focal point of the whole garden corner. You can have your favorite furniture piece as the garden focal point along with a uniquely designed umbrella like this one.


Source: alibaba

Using a modern umbrella design like this as part of the garden décor can define the overall design theme. This way, people will definitely be aware of your edgy personality before they even meet you.


Source: umbrosa

Take this opportunity to furnish your umbrellas with DIY lamps and lighting like this one for a more formal feel. You can either choose to use different fabrics for the umbrella head or just use another color entirely.


Source: archiexpo

Utilize various shapes for your garden umbrella designs. It will give your gazebo a more natural look,


Source: archiexpo

You can also use this space as your own personal workstation. If you are fond of making crafts or just resting in the shade, your garden gazebo is the best place to do it. The umbrella will be able to protect you from the heat and rain when necessary.


Source: hedgerowstudio

As you can see in this particular picture,  the spaciousness of the garden was also utilized in the design to give the user maximum comfort. Together with a big umbrella, this is indeed the perfect design choice for your garden.


Source: roomenvy

The umbrella can offer you more than enough design options to play around with. From the simplest to the most elegant, having a garden umbrella truly is one of the best decisions you can make design-wise.


Source: potterybarn


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