How to Add Farmhouse Charm To Your Kitchen

There is just so much to love about farmhouse decor, its charm and rustic beauty reminiscent of sunny days spent on farms and dirt roads. Bright, fresh, and warm. Regardless of whether or not you’ve grown up on one, or if you’ve ever been to one, its undeniable style is something everyone would want gracing their kitchen. That, my dear friends, is what we’re here to help you with today. Our article is going to help you add that farmhouse charm in your kitchen, free of charge. You’re welcome.


farmhouse faucet fix in

steel farmhouse style sink

Decorating your space to suit you just fine can pose quite a problem when you’re renting it out, so once you get the go signal from the owners, consider swapping out the old sink with something much, much better: An Allentown pull-down kitchen faucet such as this baby right here is perfect for that updated farmhouse sink look! Photos courtesy of  HomeDepot.

Kitchen scale

weighing scale addtional fix in


Nothing says Farmhouse kitchen better than a weighing scale hanging over your space! Clever and convenient, this makes  wonderful edition for your kitchen. It dresses up the place nice and effortlessly, and you can add dishtowels on it for a nice little flourish. We ripped a page right out of ThePleatedPoppy‘s book for this one.

Classic white pitchers

beautiful white milk vase

These gorgeous white pitchers are a staple to any style-savvy home. They channel elegance and classic charm whilst giving off that farmhouse feel. Perfect for serving drinks and doubling as some fancy storage too, these pitchers-turned-vases are versatile and very kitchen friendly. This and more from Ikea

Add a chalkboard

fun chalk board for your kitchen

It’s about to get a whole lot more fun in the kitchen! Having a chalkboard is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Have it propped near the pantry for a few kitchen reminders, or near the fridge. A playful concept that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Adorn it with a dishcloth or two on the side, as well as a bucket of rolling pins for that home, sweet, home flourish. Photo courtesy of Farmhouse5540

Mason Jar drying racks


Thistle Wood Farms  has just the thing for mason jar lovers everywhere: A mason jar rack! Perfect for drying and proper storage for those quintessential beverage staples. The mason jar, for all its worth, needs all that special lovin’ too. A space saver, portable, and looks nice on your wall. What more could you want in a rack?

Fresh flowers

rustic chest with fresh blooms

Of course, it wouldn’t be a farmhouse affair without fresh flowers! The gorgeous blooms make any space, be it the living room or your kitchen, into something bright, fresh, and magical. Have these lying around in stacks on top of your furniture, or blooming inside a vintage vase for all to see. It’ll breathe life into your farmhouse inspired space. Good luck, and have fun!

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