How To Hang Plates On A Wall With Style

Do you remember strolling by a wall that was decorated in the fanciest plates imaginable? Yeah, it’s a thing. With home decoration being all about elegant, warm, and stylish, thinking about of the box by adding plates on your walls offers a fresh twist on things. Hanging plates on your walls give the appearance of a polished, classy home. With an array of plates that come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors, it’ll be a blast finding a design that suits you perfectly. Read on for the complete run through on how to hang them on your wall yourself. Enjoy.


Hanging plates on your wall is the perfect way to disguise those ugly marks on the walls, be it nails or discoloration. After you’ve covered designing how you want your plates to look, the next step would be nailing the wall. You have to make sure that the nails are aligned properly, to save from any unwanted mishaps.


A great tip that comes in handy loads of times would be to mark your wall to achieve precision. Pick up some tracing paper and begin marking the spots you want your plate to be, that way, it avoids the mess of having to re-do everything altogether. Practice does in fact make perfect.


allow your creative juices to flow and arrange your plates in such a way that showcases its beauty whilst having a sense of direction and form. This cluster of plates is reminiscent of a cloud. White walls work best for plates whose colors pack a little bit more punch.


Over here, we have plates hung on a neutral colored wall, the beautiful ivory and blues popping out nicely. It’s important to make sure the color of your wall works perfectly with the colors of your plates, too. We wouldn’t want anything to clash.


Have your plates in an array of different colors, shape, designs, and sizes! From square plats to tiny ones, and even plates with some faces painted on them: they add personality and fun to any surface! Investing in plates for your walls is a decision you won’t regret. The concept lends a sense of elegance and beauty that other accents just  can’t seem to channel. A polished look set against your wall, with the plates hung nice and pretty for all the world to see, now that’s something. Take a break from all those paintings and mundane wall art, and take on something a little bit more fun and adventurous like plates on your wall. Your guests will love it, we guarantee it. We hope you enjoyed this little article we set up just for you. Good luck, and have fun! For your viewing pleasure, here are the links to photos 1,2,3,4,and 5.



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