Interesting And Breezy Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

As summer is nearing around the corner you can think of something that will involve outdoor and why not cooking? Bring your kitchen to the outdoor and make cooking ever more interesting and fun as you cook in the outside cool summer breeze. There are various ways you can design the outside kitchen in your house and make it a family event too. 
outdoor covered kitchen

source: dumpaday Turn the portico into kitchen bar: If you have a outside garden portico in your house you can turn it into a outside kitchen bar, by designing it with some cabinet doors and building some shelves along with some additional stools added to it which will make your kitchen bar look cool. bar by garden source: dumpaday Stone barbeque in garden: This is a stone barbeque in garden with grill facility along with some chairs placed in the garden. This type of open barbeque grill in the garden will evenings enjoyable with family and friends. bbq in gardensource: dumpaday Kitchen by the swimming pool: This is another type of outdoor kitchen where the kitchen is covered within a stone shelters and the pillars connecting to it are immersed in water where the cool fresh swimming pool is connected to it. As you take a dip in fresh water you can take a crunch of the hot snacking by placing on the stone tombs in the water. by the poolsource: dumpaday Garden kitchen: This garden kitchen is covered with transparent roofing and stone counter tops are designed along with stainless steel cabinets and chimney. This makes cooking experience an enjoyable one, as the kitchen is placed in the garden. garden kitchensource: dumpaday Kitchen by firemantle : This is the kitchen by the stone fire mantle that is designed to be used on both hot summer and chilly winter days where you can use the fire mantle. The sofa set is also placed around the mantle which makes the late evening gathering an enjoyable one with the family. kitchen by fire pitsource: dumpaday Outdoor dining with tables: This outdoor dining is neatly designed and well planned where the cooking area is well separated from the sitting area. Tables and chairs are placed for dining in the outer area where you can dine under the stars comfortably like you would do in your dining room. outdoor diningsource:dumpaday outdoor kitchen 2source: dumpaday Outdoor kitchen bar: This is a kitchen bar counter where the countertop is used for dining and you can sit using high chairs and dine as you cook. outdoor kitchensource:dumpaday

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