Low-Cost Office Renovation With Pallets

When it comes down to low-cost and efficient renovation of your work space, Hiroki Tominaga Atelier has just the thing. Along with his team of supermen and women, they have the power to provide you with the ingenious solution to your temporary office space needs you’ve been looking for. Take a look through our article to pick up some inspiration of your own, and have a go at it too! Pallets + office space has never looked so good.




What better way to transform the ground floor of a three-story building into a meeting room than by incorporating pallets? Low-cost and stylish, it was the perfect material to incorporate. Efficient, simple, clean and all over all a well-rounded material, is it not?




A great way to incorporate a fresh design with clean lines is through the use wooden pallets. Next time you want to spruce things up around your work place, you might want to consider using pallets! This room took roughly 130 pallets used from start to finish. To snag this look for yourself, use the cheapest of the wood to create a tiered ceiling with built in strip lighting for an innovative take on ceiling and lighting design. Grab your average pallets and have them broken down to create furniture for your space, such as shelving, storage, and benches. Last but not the least, treat yourself to a gorgeous checkered parquet flooring.



For a more sophisticated and elegant touch, prop a glass table at the center of your work space, perfect for those meetings and project pitching. The pallets are attached with screws so they can be detached and re-assembled with ease, making it a great investment.



The versatile wooden pallets have been transformed into your gorgeous floorboards, walls, ceiling, furniture, and serves as a large shutter that lines the entire strip, visible from the outside. It doubles as both a stylish shutter, and went drawn to a close lends a more private feel with lots of privacy.



This project is absolutely perfect for those of you who love getting work done and putting in that extra elbow grease. This showcases the versatility and beauty of wooden pallets, while providing you with a great design that’s low cost and fully operational.


However, please be warned. When taking on this project please  take into consideration the pros and cons for opting for using this kind of material. With wooden pallets being stored out doors, it’s exposed to elements, such as rain water, that could render it to pretty bad shape over time.


To be extra save, and to make the most out of your investment, purchase wooden pallets that have been stamped with the stamp of approval, better known as HT or Heat Treated wood. This ensures you a sturdier product, and allows you to re-purpose them in the near future for other projects you might want to try.

Good luck, and have fun!

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