Modern Kitchens With Beautiful Breakfast Nooks

There are many ways to add elegance and grandeur to the kitchen and this is one of the most beautiful and convenient ideas where you can set up a breakfast nook where you can dine in your kitchen on the day to day fast paced world. Also, you can serve for your family members as you cook food and chat while you prepare them their favorite delicacies. Look at these unique and brilliant nook ideas that will add a new look to the old boring kitchen space.

nook by window sill

source: luxesource

Colorful kitchen nook with dining table:
This is a colorful kitchen nook with a dining table and some wooden chairs placed by the table, the bright blue shaded cushions add the touch of royalty to the kitchen. Also it is placed by the window sill where it allows maximum sunlight and makes it look bright and airy.

colorful nook with dining table and chairs

source: mydomaine

Add colorful Accents:
You can adorn the nook by adding colorful accents and make it look even more attractive and this nook is decorated with a lovely and colorful canvas painting along with a pink colored metal framed hanging lantern. The pink shaded cushions add charm and beauty
to the nook as the color itself is lovely.

colorful nook

source: styleathome

Opposite facing nook compartment:
This is a opposite side facing nook compartment where the cushion benches are placed facing each other with table in the center and the rich green cushion cover and the outside lush green garden makes a beautiful combination. the nook is decorated with
a wine bottle diy chandelier that makes it even more personalized and look handcrafted.

dual bench

source: town-n-country-living

This is another opposite side facing compartment nook where the table is fixed to the wall and the wooden furnishing makes it look elegant and rich. The wooden framed windows and the lamp match the wooden sofa beautiful and make a lovely compartment nook in your kitchen.

twin side sofa

source: town-n-country-living

L-shaped nook with shelves:
Look at this L-shaped nook with ample throw cushions placed on the L-shaped cushion bench as it makes it more comfortable and contemporary styled. the white and brown combination nook gives a trendy touch to the nook and the shelve the is designed
overhead is another modern touch where books are neatly arranged and looks like a mini library.

L shaped nook

source: midwestliving

This is another L-shaped nook where the shelves are designed by the side of the nook where delicate glassware are arranged neatly on the shelf
to make it look very elegant and beautiful.

multipurpose corner

source: midwestliving

Leather sofa nook:
This is a classic vintage styled nook where a leather sofa is placed by the corner of the window and a round table is placed in front of it along with few chairs that make it look complete like a dining area.

leather nook

source: midwestliving

Nook by sunny room:
This is a nook by the sunny room that is designed separately by the side of the kitchen adjoining the kitchen space, and the room looks pleasant and beautiful with potted plants arranged neatly on the cupboards, and the table and chairs are placed in the center of the room.

nook by sunny room

source: town-n-country-living

Round table nook:
This is a round table nook where the table cloth is spread on top of the bamboo furniture and placed neatly along the side of the kitchen and chairs are placed around it. the cushion bench is designed behind the nook where it can be used for relaxing purpose.

nook with dining table sitting

source: betweennapsontheporch

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