Spectacular Master Bedroom Designs: Working With the Fireplace

Would you like to have an elegant master bedroom that has all the amenities that you would need such as a fireplace and much more? You should definitely give these design options a try as soon as possible then. Doing this will give you the opportunity to exercise your own creativity and to put your own personality into the mix without difficulty. Here are some examples that you should consider using as soon as possible.

The first picture shows off a modern master bedroom design using stainless steel and earth toned color palettes. The fireplace definitely matches the completely modern vibe of this particular master bedroom design.


Source: bmf-builders

In addition to this, here is a large master bedroom that has a stone fireplace as the divider. It will that only give you something to look forward to because of the multifunctional nature of the fireplace.


Source: bridgwaterconsulting

If you want elegant simplicity in your bedroom, here is another design option that you can have. This simple white color scheme of this particular bedroom can definitely give you what you need in terms of simple beauty for the bedroom.

fireplace-bedroom-gray silver

Source: blansfieldbuilders

If you want to play with monochromatic color schemes for your master bedroom, here is the best option that you can have in terms of design and hue. You should give it a shot as soon as possible.


Source: mccleandesign

Additionally, here is another master bedroom design that you should definitely look at. The warm colors and wooden foundation of this particular bedroom reminds me of the jungle for some reason. If you are an adventurous spirit, this is the best option that you can have in terms of design and coloring.


Source: swansoninteriors

Here is an eclectic bedroom design that you should definitely consider using especially since you love fireplaces in the bedroom. The fireplace can surely act as your focal point for this particular space.

fireplace-bedroom-eclectic patterns

Source: heritagehillscolorado

For this modern loft bedroom, a large fireplace like this one can then only give you what you want in terms of unique furnishings and design options for your bedroom. You should definitely try as soon as you can.


Source: martinepaquin

This simple all white master bedroom can that will give you a unique bedroom design quality especially in terms of aesthetics. It is simple yet sophisticated at the same time.


Source: duetdesigngroup

The fireplace in this particular bedroom definitely offsets the monochromatic color scheme that the room has going for itself. It is both elegant and sophisticated at the same time without being overly decorative. The fireplace acts as the main decoration along with some drapes.



Source: dapostrophe

As a last option, you can also try to have this modern fireplace installed in your wooden bedroom. It is that only somewhat of a ship in terms of design plan. However, it would be nice to have a break from the monotony once in awhile right? You should give it a shot as soon as you can.


Source: ryangroup





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