The Many Spectacular Benefits of Merbau Flooring

Choosing the right kind of flooring can be very difficult especially if you are trying to get the best that you can have for your home. However, Merbau flooring maybe one of the best options that you can have in terms of flooring materials in the future. This article will tell you why this is so and how you can use this particular wood to its full advantage for your home.

Major Advantages


First off, Merbau has a kind of lumber that is very hard and not easily damaged over time. It can also be engineered to produce wooden stripes that will be good for interior design in the long run. Because of the durability of the material, this particular piece of wood has been used for laying down railroads in the past. Nowadays, it is used for high-end refurbishing of both indoor and outdoor flooring for different properties.

A second benefit that you can get from this particular wood is that it has natural oils that keep it organically shiny. This is why it can be very attractive and easy to maintain in the house. Even if you don’t use a floor wax regularly, it would still look extremely elegant and beautiful to the eyes.

Yes, it may be hard lumber but it can easily be reshaped and cut into any design of your choosing. Which is why most of the construction companies prefer this particular Southeast Asian wood to be used for their construction projects.

Additionally, you will be able to get as many options concerning color if you choose this particular wooden implement. Its color palette ranges from yellow to dark brown, which can be good for interior design projects as well.

One of the best features that it can offer you would be that it is highly resistant to termites and weathering. This means you choose Merbau flooring, you will be able to use it for a long time without worrying about internal damage too much.

It also has various textures which can be very appealing to the eye. Usually you will see a interconnected ribbon pattern on the wood piece itself. This is why it can be very attractive to the viewer and the user of the floor material as well.

Aside from this, it can be very easy to finish. You can paint it, polish or stain it whenever necessary. It will certainly fit any kind of a location in the home.

Because of the easy finish, it can also be easily maintained. You can either vacuum or manually wipe it with rags without any problem. You can easily mop the floor as well. This is why it is highly recommended for you to use Merbau flooring as much as possible.

It also withstands humidity very well. It is certainly a material that will last a very long time in your house if ever you decide to use it on the floors. It also bleeds a reddish color when wet. This is also good for visual aesthetics.

On record, it can also last for about 50 years without damage, which is well worth the investment for sure. Therefore, if I were you, I will definitely go ahead and give this particular flooring a shot. I am sure that you will not regret your decision to do so as soon as you can.


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