Top 10 Beautiful Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas

No matter how big or small your bedroom is, there is always space and place to decorate the walls of your bedroom. They can bring over a great transformation in looks and style of the room and will make it look complete. Wall decors are instantly one of the first few things that gets noticed when one enters the bedroom. Listed below are some of the top 10 beautiful bedroom wall décor ideas.

wall frames

source: art.ekstrax

Serene mirror and candles:

This is one of the traditional and yet serene ways to decorate the walls of your bedroom. You can simply make use of mirrors or just a single mirror frame and candles attached to the walls to make it look pleasant at night.

candles and mirror

source: art.ekstrax

Canvas painting:

This is a picture of a modern bedroom with a simple bedroom décor model with just the canvas wall art adorning the wall. The wall art is a painting of a crystal chandelier that looks much like a midnight painting adorns the wall of this bedroom.

canvas painting

source: art.ekstrax

Dreamcatcher wall décor:

Dreamcatchers are said to bring in good memories and visions and this is a curtain of dreamcatcher that is suspended from the tree branch that is attached to the wall and is easy to make, and if you are interested to make dreamcatchers then you will probably be interested in this one.


source: thewhoot

Fabric wall décor:

Just make use of a colourful painted or printed fabric to adorn the walls of your bedroom. This fabric that you are using can have tassels to make it look further pretty and just hang them over the headboard and make it as one of the loveliest bedroom wall décor in your house.

fabric wall decor

source: art.ekstrax

Hardwood rustic wall décor:

This is a hardwood rustic wall décor that is attached to the entire headboard wall and animal head models are also attached to the walls to make it look wild and unique. This kind of wall décor will give you the rustic wooden bedroom feel and will also look good.

hard wood rustic wall decor

source: harpersbazaar

Letter and frames:

Just simply make use of an empty wooden frame and you can nail wooden letter blocks within it and your letter frames are ready to adorn the walls.

letter and frames

source: myweeklyhabit

Mirror décor:

This is a beautiful sun shaped mirror décor that makes the bedroom look glamorous along with the crystals that are hung by the sides of the bed. This is one of the lavish looking wall décor ideas for the bedroom.

mirror decor

source: bykoket

Polka dot frame:

This is a simple polka dot framed décor that is hung over the headboard to make it look simple and elegant and matches with the color scheme of room.

polka wall decor

source: art.ekstrax

Rustic wooden wall frame:

This is a rustic wooden wall frame with a mirror in the center that is attached to the wall to make it look simple and elegant.

wooden wall art

source: art.ekstrax


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