Top 10 Ingenious Ways Of Repurposing Your Wine Bottles

If you love your wine and some DIY projects on the side as well, this is the perfect opportunity for you to the two together. It will give you the chance to enjoy a project that you love to do without having to work hard for it as much as you would with other endeavors. These are just some of them may need samples that you can do with your wine bottles if you have any others left in the cellar.

First of all, you can use it as one of your lighting pedestals. As you can see in this picture, it was used to prop up the candle on the table itself. This is one way to repurpose your wine bottles effectively.

wine bottles 1


Source: julieblanner

Secondly, you can also go ahead and use it as décor for the outdoors. If you want to have a unique garden design, use this as one of your decorations. This picture will show you just how it would look like.

wine bottles 2

Source: rogueengineer

In addition, you can also write some messages on the bottles themselves. In this picture, you can see how paper holders were put on the bottles themselves when some inspirational messages inscribed on them. You can definitely use this idea to inspire others.

wine bottles 3

Source: aliceandlois

One of them most classic ways for you to reuse your wine bottles if you turn them into vases for your flower arrangements. It will definitely bring about a unique quality to your dining room design for sure.

wine bottles 4

Source: ehow

You can also turn your wine bottles into lanterns that you can hang in the garden. Just look at this picture to see how it would look like in case you would want to do it yourself.

wine bottles 5

Source: mysocalledcraftylife

Here is another wine bottle lantern design that you can definitely use both inside and outside your home.

wine bottles 6

Source: ilovetocreateblog

Another decorative vase for your dining room table. You should definitely give this a try.

wine bottles 10


Source: inspiredbythis

If you want, repainting your wine bottles and using them as decorative containers can also work in terms of repurposing these particular objects in the house.

wine bottles 7


Source: everydaydishes

How about this for your indoor decoration? What I like about this particular décor is that you can use it all year round. Also, you would not have to spend too much just to achieve this look.

wine bottles 8


Source: muslinandmerlot

You can also use your wine bottles to add some color into your monochromatic design theme. In this way, you would not have to worry about repainting some parts of your kitchen or dining room to achieve more color. Just add colorful décor like these ones and you will definitely achieve great results.

wine bottles 9

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