Turn Boring Kitchen into Colorful One

Kitchens are considered boring for the fact that they are often neglected or given less preference in designing. But you can bring a lot of change in this fact and turn your dull boring kitchen into interesting one by adding lot of colors to it.  Take a look at the ideas listed below on how you can implement the color choices in your kitchen
Colorful accents:
Add colorful accents to the kitchen nook that you have designed around the corner of the 
kitchen. These accents will add whole lot of change in the entire kitchen looks and will make them look colorful and vibrant. Look at this beautiful painting, that oozes with splash of 
vibrant hues and light shades of cushions placed in the nook.
bright accents 2

source: thekitchn This is another nook design with lovely colorful frames and bright pink lantern that hangs over the top. This adds lovely touch to the kitchen corner. bright accentssource: bhg Bright chairs around the table: You can place bright and flashy color chairs around the dining chairs to make the center of the kitchen look attractive and beautiful. These sunny yellow chairs add vibrant touch to theroom and make it lively and cool. bright chairssource: decordirect Bright colored cabinets: This is a beautiful kitchen with lovely red cabinets that are designed around the entire space. The full room is in bright red color and makes the room look beautiful and bright flashing the color of love. bright red cabinet source: hgtv This is bright purple colored cabinets that gives rich feel to the kitchen and makes it look royal and gives a royal finish to the kitchen. purple cabinetsource: hgtv Flashy wall color: There is another way to bring the whole lot of change to the kitchen space by painting the kitchen wall in bright and flashy colors. This will bring a new look and create beautiful ambiance in the room. Different colors create different feel to the room and you can choose bright ones to bring a lively joyous feel. bright wall colorsource: notmybeautifulhome Colourful carpet: A carpet turns a dull room into a bright attractive one and you can add a bright and decorative designer carpet to the kitchen floor to make it look attractive. This is a pink designed carpet that looks bright and attractive. coloful carpetsource: apartmenttherapy Colourful utensils: How about making use of colourful utensils, each one if different color so that they look like rainbow of colors in your kitchen. colorful kitchensource: brit Add a colourful sitting space: Just like adding accents to the nook, you can add different colored throw cushions to the sitting space wherever they are designed. colorful sitting areasource: hgtv

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