10 Stylish Storage Solution Ideas

The secret to any functional home, whether it is a studio type or a house in the suburbs, is keeping unnecessary things out of sight. Shoes, kids toys, holiday decorations – all these items need a place where you can store it. These 10 storage solution ideas will help keep your home looking organized, clutter-free, clean and stylish.

  1. Suspended Shelves

This type of shelves is a stylish way of storing things, not just in your bedroom, but also in other rooms in your house. This is perfect in keeping your books and other things you need every now and then on hand. These suspended shelves will not just organize your things, but it will also enhance your room.

1 suspended shelves

2. Versatile Wicker Baskets

Another way of storing your things in style, is by the use of versatile wicker baskets. You can store your blankets and pillows on it, and then place them into a corner or underneath the table or you can cover them and slide them under your bathroom sink. They are also perfect in storing your unused sweaters, t-shirts, shoes and other unused things.

2 wicker baskets

3. Stylish Suitcase Drawers

Stack some stylish suitcase style drawers in the hallway. These suitcases will serve as a filing cabinet and at the same time as table for your lamp or other home accessory.

3 suitcase style

4. Sliding door staircase storage

This sliding door staircase storage idea is very stylish and can save space. You can display any of your collection like dishware and other items. It does not matter whether you leave the sliding door close or open it will still look sleek and elegant.

4 sliding door staircase storage

5. Stylish Storage Ottoman

These stylish storage ottomans are very lovely. You can store anything on it neatly and place it under a floating shelf. You can also use these ottomans for seating or as a display to enhance your room.

5 stylish storage ottoman


6. Stylish Wood Drawers Bathroom Storage Ideas

These cute little wood drawers in your bathroom make the area clean and organized. You can store little things like cotton, buds, pins, and others that you need to have to complete your daily routine in the bathroom.

6 wood drawers storage ideas

7. Open Storage Shelves

These open storage shelves are very appealing and eye-catching. You can also use it not only to store dishware but can be served as a divider to separate the kitchen from the dining area. Use striking color to paint these shelves. You can store your lovely glassware on it.

7 open storage shelves

8. Small Canvas Bin Storage Ideas

For a unique shelving unit you can use the extra space between the two floor levels. The 6 small canvas bins at the bottom of the shelves is best in storing books, toys and other small items on it.

8 small canvas bins storage ideas

9. Storage Cubbies Underneath the Corner Bench

These cute cubbies underneath the corner bench are perfect in storing your children’s building blocks and train tracks. You can store other things like books, magazines, photo albums and others.

9 storage cubbies underneath the corner bench

10. Headboard Bookcases

If you don’t have enough space to add book shelves, you can create one in your bedroom. Remove the headboard and replace it with bookcases. To add pattern, texture and color to your bedroom’s overall interior design you can use curtains to cover it.

10 headboard bookcases storage idea

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