5 Beauty on Budget Design Ideas for your Living Room

If you are planning to redesign your living room but in a tight budget, here are 5 beauty on budget designs living room ideas to help you. There are lots of great designs available online but may require you to shed a lot of money. With these designs you only need to spend a few dollars or you can use anything on hand to transform your living room. From adding simple frames to window treatments you can make create an elegant and stylish living room without spending a lot.

Hang Canvas 

1 canvas the area

You can hang old canvas, canvas you design on your own and canvas made of recycled materials like sequins, old frames and others. These canvases can fill your walls. Use bright color canvases to brighten the area and enhance the area even more. You can revive old canvas that has been lying in your attic for a long time just make sure it will complement with your living room interior.

2 canvas the area


Hang Plates on the Wall

3 decorative plates

Hanging plates is not just for the kitchen, you can hang plates even in your living room. This is one way of decorating your living room without spending a lot. You can check your cupboard and get those colorful plates or plates with great design to create a fresh wall arrangement. You can use plates with different sizes, colors and texture or plates with the same color and design and hang it artistically in your wall. Use your imagination when hanging these plates. Attach  wire plate hangers at the back of your plate and hang plates on picture nails.

4 decorative plates


Use Contemporary Lamp Shades

5 contemporary lamp shades

Your living room is enhanced by beautiful light and illumination coming from the sunlight or you can get it from artificial lighting like lamp shades and other lighting fixtures. In choosing the right lamp for your living room interior there are things that you need to consider. The first thing you need to consider is the color. Make sure that it will complement the design of your living room. Determine if your lampshade is for function or ambience or both. Another important factor that you need to consider is the safety of your lampshade.

6 contemporary lamp shades


Cheap Window Treatments

7 cheap decorative window treatment

Changing your window dressings is yet another affordable way of redesigning your living room. Look for window treatments online that will compliment your living room design. Or if you have colorful fabric in your house you can transform it into stylish window treatments. You can also stitch colorful fabrics together and hang it using attractive curtain rod.

8 cheap decorative window treatment


Decorative Unique Rugs

9 decorative rugs

Visit home depot near you, the store usually offers lovely rugs that you can use as decoration for your living room. The area rug gives the living area a shot of color. If you plan to use rugs as direction never use small rugs. Armchairs and sofas should be placed partially on top of the rug to ground the area. These rugs are best in defining the living room.

10 decorative rugs


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