5 Inexpensive DIY Home Décor Ideas

Here are 5 inexpensive DIY home décor ideas to give your home a new look. You don’t have to spend a lot just to achieve the look that you want for your home. All you need is a creative and unique idea and you are set.

DIY Glass Planter

1 DIY glass planter

If you love DIY creative home decors then you should consider trying it out. The designs are made from a cut glass bottle, this glass planter is also self-watering and is very gorgeous even in it’s simple form. You can place some glass planters in your living room and in the kitchen against a lovely backsplash and preferably next to natural lighting to accentuate the design. You can use different colored glass bottles or simply stick with colorless bottle for a natural look.

8 DIY glass planter


Twine Light Bulb

2 diy-twine-light-bulb-pears

If you want a rustic look for your house, these twine light bulb pears is a perfect décor to use. These bulbs would create a perfect centerpiece during a small dinner party. You can place these twine light bulb in a bowl for decoration, to enhance its look you can attach a paper leaf. They are easy to assemble, and require only less time to complete.

7 diy-twine-light-bulb-pears


Flying Flower Cup Décor

3 topiary flying flower cup

This home décor idea is very easy to do. You can use single color flower or multi-colored flowers if you want to add color in your house. You can place it on top of your center table or on top of your piano to get the attention of your visitors.

6 topiary flying flower cup


Toilet Paper Rolls Wall Décor Design

4 toilet paper box home decor

If you want inexpensive, creative and elegant design, you don’t have to shed out hundreds of dollars just to have it. With the use of toilet paper rolls and a creative idea you can have the design that you want in no time. Collecting toilet paper rolls is easy since you use it every day. Check out the designs in this article for a creative and lovely wall decoration.

5 toilet paper box home decor


Glass Terraniums with Plants

9 glass terranium with plants

These glass terrariums with plants brighten up the home interiors, add attractive and unique wall decorations and table centerpieces that enhance the rooms with fresh green color and light reflections. An easy to do glass terrarium with plants is one of green ideas for contemporary homes that create pleasant interior decoration. You can use glass plates and tableware, glass bowl and jars using moss and small indoor plants, driftwood pieces and beach pebbles for decorating home interiors in eco-friendly design.

10 glass terranium with plants


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