5 Interesting DIY Wall Décor Ideas Besides Paintings and Prints

Wall art decors will make every space in your house look lovely and unique. They are perfect for your living room, for your bedroom and for your dining room. There are lots of way on which you can decorate your home wall besides using paintings and prints. Here are 5 interesting DIY wall decor ideas that you can use.

Use Decorative Plates as Wall Décor

1 hang plates

If you have a collection of lovely China plates that you want to show off, you can use these plates to decorate your wall. Hang these plates creatively on the wall or anywhere space is available. A casual collection of patterned and neutral plates provides a lovely design for your walls.

2 hang plates


DIY Large Tapestry Wall Décor Ideas

3 large tapestry

If you want to create your own tapestry wall decor, this DIY is for you. With this tapestry you don’t have to spend a lot of time, you only need around 30 minutes to complete one. Most of the tapestry had different colors and length of yarn woven in a plain colored background. This tapestry is done by knotting a bunch of colored yarns in a bunch of rows. Build lots of rows of different textures and colors on top of each other to produce the woven-tapestry feel.

4 large tapestry


Wooden Mosaic Wall Décor Ideas

5 wooden mosaic wall decor

The wooden mosaic wall décor is a good choice if you prefer a rustic interior. You either purchase one or you can create your own wooden mosaic. Sanding each block is time consuming, it is best to buy wood blocks that are already smooth. You can check them out in your local craft store or you can purchase online.

6 wooden mosaic wall decor


Pin Wheels Wall Décor Ideas

7 pinwheels as wall decor

This is one of the most brilliant but simplest DIY wall décor ideas. Once you learn how to create one, you can produce one pin wheel in less than ten minutes. Thus, within an hour you can produce around 6 pin wheels in different sizes easily. You could have a lovely big pile ready to hand within two to three hours.

8 pinwheels as wall decor


Ethnic Basket Wall Décor Ideas

9 ethnic basket wall decor ideas

Using ethnic basket with different sizes and colors is a great idea. It provides your wall a unique pop of style and color. It is also very fun to look at. You can use native baskets, although the design will impart a very strong ethnic feel, it is not overwhelming. Before hanging the baskets on the wall it is best to arrange them first on the floor. You can play around with them to check which style will fit the best.

10 ethnic basket wall decor ideas


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