5 Space Saving Decorating Ideas

If you need to decorate small homes and apartments, these 5 space saving decorating ideas are the solutions. These decorating ideas will visually increase the rooms and enhance their appeal. These decorative ideas will help you design the room elegantly that look more bright and spacious.

Use Corner Furniture

1 space saving

To make small rooms look spacious and big it is best to use corner furniture. Making the room feel airy, spacious and light is a good way to boost home values and add comfort to living spaces. Having creative and functional, space saving and contemporary design ideas will provide balance between maximizing the available spaces and having stylish room interior.

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Decorate with Mirrors

2 space saving use mirror

Experts usually suggest to their clients to place mirrors strategically in small rooms to make it look bigger. One of the most popular small living room ideas is to hang a huge mirror at the central area to make a focal point. To reflect light and add a relaxing ambiance, place the mirror behind a light source like pendant lamp or a candle. If it is possible, place the mirror across from your window so it will reflect the view and give the illusion that there is another window.

4 space saving use mirror


Use Neutral Colors for a Small Living Room

5 neutral colored furniture

Painting the walls, floors and ceilings with neutral colors is one of the most common small living room ideas. Use neutral colored furniture as well. A palette of beiges or off-whites will increase the space by making it look like the walls are being pushed back. Soft hues illuminate the space by reflecting light. Also to make the area bigger a neutral palette provides instant sophistication and produces a calming surrounding.

6 neutral colored furniture


Use Furniture with a Lightweight Appearance

7 light appearance furniture

When buying for furniture takes into consideration its visual weight. This idea pertains to the perceived heaviness of an object based on design, size and color. Choose pieces that have a lightweight appearance, since heavier furniture will tend to constrict the area. Choose pale colors instead of darker ones, and choose those with legs avoid those that are boxy. End tables or glass coffee will use up less visual space as compared to wooden ones since you see through them. Any furniture that will not obstruct the views will make the room look more open.

8 light appearance furniture


Use Small-Scale Furniture

9 small scale furniture

Choose small scale furniture since it will not overpower the room or appear to dominate the room. Use sofa with thin arms and a tightly upholstered back with multi-cushion back and substantial arms. For tight area, you can eliminate the couch and choose loveseat instead or opt to position a coffee table with four chairs around. In choosing chairs, pick the armless ones as they will use up less area as compared to chairs with arms.

10 small scale furniture


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