5 Tips in Designing a 8 X 5 Bathroom

The most common dimension of a bathroom in a small house is 8 x 5. Designing a standard sized bathroom is a difficult task. You might have difficulties on putting all the needed drawers and storage bins on it. There are things that you need to consider when designing a small bathroom one is your bathing habits. You need to move freely when toweling off without hitting your toilet bowl or door. Small bathroom can be transformed radically without increasing its size. All you need is to use your imagination to redesign the present layout. Here re 5 tips in designing an 8 x 5 bathroom.

Wide Open Baths

1 open wide bathroom ideas

Experts are now getting rid of the traditional shower door and shower curtains to make the area look wider. Instead they are using floor drains. According to experts shower door and curtains can make the bathroom look smaller and crowded. It will look like as if the lights are always on.
2 open wide bathroom ideas


Use Large Frameless Mirror

4 extra large frameless mirror

Putting frameless mirror in bathroom will not just make the room look spacious it will also make the room look modern and elegant. In choosing the mirror for your bathroom the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is its quality. Bathroom mirrors have sealed edges and backing to make sure that moisture and steam will not penetrate the mirror. When using frameless mirror your bathroom you should not only consider the interior design, you also need to consider the size of the mirror itself and also the area. Make sure that you measure the area where you want to place the mirror accurately.  Use mirror mastic or clips when attaching the mirror. Mastic is special glue that will let you install the mirror without leaving marks on the edges.

2 extra large frameless mirror


Keep the Fixtures in the Same Area

5 stay inside the lines

Another way of designing an 8 x 5 bathroom is by keeping all the fixtures in the same place, with direct sunlight entering the room during daytime. The lavatory space is at the center of the translucent sliding doors, one that leads to the shower room, and the other in the closet. The door is made of one inch acrylic panels that are sandblasted on one side. Keeping the plumbing in the same place is the key to updating your bathroom. Change the light fitting but do move it, you can change the taps or bath to mix things up. Replace the sink and countertops with something durable and strong.

6 stay inside the lines


Curbless Shower

7 curbless shower

Eliminating the bathtubs and substituting it with walk-in shower is one way of making an 8 x 5 bathroom looks bigger. You can get rid of the curb without affecting the functionality of a shower. Curbless shower could mean cleaner lines in the bathroom, there is less visual clutter, and greater ease of use, less crannies and nooks to clean and the shower is easy to access.

8 curbless shower


Standalone Sink

9 standalone sink

There are lots of options available in choosing the right sink not only when it comes to the style and type of the sink but the cost as well. A standalone sink can free up a lot of space as compared to the one that is attached to a vanity cabinet. This will make your bathroom feel bigger. Standalone sinks are available in different shapes, materials, dimensions and designs. Provide simplicity that is best observed when used in other bathroom elements.

10 standalone sink


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