Amazing Coaster Designs: Various Materials That Can Work Their Magic

If you want to have something new in terms of a DIY project for the New Year, why don’t you try making your own coasters for the kitchen? It is definitely something easy to do and a project that would allow you to explore your artistry and creative talents without difficulty. This article will give the picture samples of how you can design the coasters effectively without repeating yourself.

This first coaster is made of jute cord, which can be created by easily intertwining the cords together, much like crocheting.

coaster 1

Source: autostraddle

In addition to this, it is important that you are able to take inspiration from nature when it comes to creating your very own coasters. Here is a leaf coaster that will certainly bring you closer to nature.

coaster 2

Source: journeycreativity

Have you ever created a coaster made out of wood? Here is a birch coaster that will then only give you what you want in terms of natural and long lasting materials for the kitchen and dining room.

coaster 3

Source: letsmingleblog

Why don’t you try using metal rings as a coaster like this one? It is that only something unique and different in terms of design and aesthetics as well. I am sure that you will not regret doing this in the long run.

coaster 4

Source: islaura

Using differently  colored coasters can definitely give you something outstanding to utilize for your kitchen and dining table. You should then only give it a try in the future.

coaster 5

Source: twinspiration

These are coasters made of crocheted yarn. If you want to learn more and how to make them yourself, please do not hesitate to click the link.

coaster 6

Source: mamainastitch

These are stitched up coasters that will definitely give you what you want in terms of color and variety when it comes to materials. You should give it a shot for sure.

coaster 10

Source: gatheringbeauty

You can also take inspiration from animals when trying to make your very own coasters. Here are fox coasters that can definitely give you artistry and fun at the same time.

coaster 7

Source: blitsy

Marble coasters like this one can then only give you what you want in terms of sophistication and beauty for your kitchen wares. You should give it a shot as soon as possible.

coaster 8

Source: homeyohmy

As a last option, why not use unconventional materials such as polaroids for your coasters? It is that only something different and unique. It will also stand out among the most common coaster designs available on the market.

coaster 9

Source: surelysimple

You should give these coasters a shot as soon as you can. I am sure that you will not regret using any of these designs and materials in the long run.

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