Designing for Storage: The Best Home Office Showcase for the Working Individual

From additional shelving to cabinetry in your home office, there are many ways for you to add additional storage units without having to sacrifice the aesthetic value of your space for work. Here are some ideas that you can use without hesitation regarding increasing the storage capacity of your home office in the long run.

Initially, as mentioned earlier you can only add some shelving units to the wall. This will increase the storage capacity of your home office and beautify the workplace even more.


Source: habitat-studio

This second picture shows off additional cabinets along with some beautiful shelving designs that you can play around with in the home office. You can even do this on your own for sure.


Source: danalaurendesigns

You can even put the cabinets under the new built-in couch if you are to renovate your home office in the future. This will be a great idea if you want to keep the space free of clutter.


Source: i3design

You can use additional shelving to have a built in mini library in your home office. It will definitely be a great addition to your home office in terms of storage and structure.


Source: jacksoncabinetry

Here is a classic home office design that will be reminiscent of a true office space and workstation. Should give it a try for the storage aspect of the design.


Source: harrell-remodeling

You can also focus on your work table when designing your home office. Make sure that it has a lot of shelving units for additional storage capacity. That way everything would be within your reach.


Source: organizedliving

Here is a wooden cupboard design shelving for your home office. It is definitely something that you can try out if you don’t mind working with elevated shelving on the walls in the long run.


Source: habitat-studio

Below is a much simpler home office design with installed shelving on the wall. This will be good for home office designs with smaller spaces.


Source: thesweetestdigs

This particular home office design may seem simple and minimal, but I am sure that it will be good for workaholic homeowners like yourself in the future.


Source: onmyagenda

You can also forgo having much fancier worktable in lieu of more storage space in your home office. This way, you can spend more money in availing of a lot more shelving units and cabinetry for future use in your office. It is definitely something worth trying out for sure.


Source: karolinekable

These are just some of the many options that you can have when it comes to increasing storage capacity in the home office. Simple yet functional. This is the key to designing the best home office that can work to your advantage in the long run.




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