Bookshelf Designs for the New Decade: Adding Substance to Innovation

If you are having problems decorating your bookshelves and updating it to match much more modern home designs, this article is for you. In this text, we will focus on giving you some tips regarding how to design your bookshelf and place it to complement the specific room designs that you already have in place. Here are some photo examples as follows:

The first picture is that of a corner bookshelf that matches the tropical and pastel color scheme of the living room perfectly. A wooden bookshelf definitely complements a bright color scheme like orange and red.


Source: kropatinteriordesign

Secondly, here you can see how the designer hits two birds with one stone by arranging the books according to color and placing it in a bookshelf that is both elegant and classic in style. You ought to give it a shot for your own library in the future.


Source: lonny

You can also turn your television consoles into a bookshelf to serve a double purpose. This is one of the smartest ways for you to use and reuse your furnishings in the house.


Source: westelm

Variously shaped bookshelves can also give your living room or library more character in the long run. If you use these kinds of furnishings for your home, you will certainly make an outstanding mark in the neighborhood.


Source: a-ldn

If you are going to put bookshelves in a child’s bedroom, this is one way to do it. Simple yet stylish. Your child will certainly enjoy reading in this particularly colorful environment for sure.


Source: mendetc

You can also place storage units under the bookshelves such as baskets or plastic bags. You will definitely not regret doing this because it will save you a lot of space for sure.


Source: lonny

An elongated bookshelf like this one can definitely fit smaller spaces. You should give it a shot as soon as possible.


Source: westelm

Additionally, you can also include a variety of other objects and put them in a bookshelf for display. You should then only try it out because it will give you unconventional ways as well as ideas to design your room in the days to come.


Source: lonny

This particular living room bookshelf can also serve as a decorative ornament for your receiving area. The matching color schemes definitely give it added beauty as well.


Source: theplatformexperiment

As a last option, you can also make sure that you are able to use your bookshelf as a storage area for collectibles as well. You will definitely provide more space in your home for more items and furnishings if you do this.


Source: sterlingpublishing

Remember that a bookshelf these days is not only reserved for books alone anymore. It can be used as a storage area for a variety of objects in the house as well. You should give it a try because I am sure that you will not regret doing so.

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